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More Dining Gossip for Shanghai's Foodies

Shanghai’s F&B scene is kicking off 2011 on a sad note. Landlord disputes are closing down old stand-bys left and right. The first to fall was mesa | manifesto with an eviction scheduled for 31 March. The management is looking for new locations to field new concepts, but we can't imagine the venue in any other spot - let's hope they find a terrace and keep their epic 80s soundtrack on tap. 

Just last week, Azul announced that they too will be closing their doors as their landlords are interested in turning the building housing Eduardo Vargas’s restaurant, as well as Madison and Berry Bistro, into a members-only spa of sorts… Vargas has no plans to reopen Azul (focusing on the newly launched Chi Cha in Sinan Mansions instead), but from 20-29 January, Eduardo is organizing a supply-depleting deal with RMB 180 affording diners an extensive tasting menu of the big man’s favourite tapas. And that includes drinks. 

Berry Bistro’s future is also up in the air, but Austin Hu, executive chef of Madison, is still bent on fighting the good fight. He’s hedging his bets though, and has been scouting new locations around town for the past month. So if you’re already addicted to his Scotch Egg, don’t fret. If Madison does get the boot, they’ll be up and running somewhere around town soon. 

In other news, Avalon has finally found an executive chef to replace Hilary Ambrose (who is ready to beef up his molecular chops at MoCA). Sean Jorgenson, former chef at Attica, Maya and The Apartment, is back in Shanghai after a quick stint in Singapore and he's already behind the grill at Avalon. Check out what Chef Sean is cooking on NYE with a three course meal for RMB 388 (plus a glass of champagne). 

And finally, we saved the best news for last. Fans of Mexican food in Pudong can rejoice. Kelley Lee’s empire is expanding to the reaches of Jinqiao. They soft opened on 7 January, and the grand opening will be later this month. Enjoy the nachos, Pudong dwellers. 

Avalon. 2F, 139 Changle Lu, near Ruijin Lu. Tel: 5382 0862

Azul Viva. 18 Dongping Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu. Tel: 6433 1172

Berry Bistro. 18 Dongping Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu. Tel: 6437-5070

Cantina Agave (Jinqiao). 357 Hongfeng Lu (near Biyun Lu). Tel: 6886 0706.

Madison. 3F, 18 Dongping Lu, near Wulumuqi Lu. Tel: 6437 0136

mesa | manifesto. 2F, 139 Changle Lu, near Ruijin Lu. Tel: 5382 0862



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Avalon Rocks !!

Had a fantastic dinner at Avalon last Tuesday. Sean is a much better Chef than Hilary and he has taken Avalon back to its wood grill roots. Go check out their new menu. worth every penny

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Avalon - what a joke!

Don't you get tired of their crappy marketing peoples incessant BS posts everywhere?  They can't compete with their menu, so they have to come up with cheap and tacky monthly sales promo's and then have amateurs post all over the place.  How soon before the owner wakes up to reality and figures out he should have stayed working for someone else?

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and you sound like a bitter old fart. Avalon serves decent food at a decent price, and there is a reason they are still around and relevant. Instead of seing it as a cheap and tacky monthly promo, which, to me, doesn't seem the case, someone else could see it as a showcase of sean jorgensen's food and how it might differ from hilary's. as my momma always said, you ain't got nothing good to say then shut yo mouth.


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