Night/Sport TALK: Urban 18 Closed!


Now for a bit of bad news. It seems as if the last wrenches have been swung at Urban 18, and for the life of us we can’t understand why.

The only information we have on the matter comes in the form of a posting on the Urban 18 website that says “NOTICE: Due to unforeseen circumstances Urban 18 is currently closed. We will provide an update to all members and customers as soon as the situation is resolved.”

Is it a problem with the landlord? Local licensing bureau snafu? Are there not enough people with golf (even the indoor simulated variety) on their minds through the dead of winter?

We can’t tell you, but what we do know is that this sort thing is par for the course in Shanghai, with places closing and being replaced on a weekly basis. But this one is a real shame. It was such a unique concept and we can only hope that whatever the problem is it will be resolved soon.

This blog will be updated as and when we get more information. One thing’s for sure, it’s hasn’t been the best couple of months for David Laris.



a bit expensive..

A wee bit too expensive... if they will ever re-open, they better review the prices.. now that summer is just ahead of us, outdoor driving range will be more popular..

urban 18

Laris is a media whore anyway and he does not need anymore media attention

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