OMG Naomi...What are you wearing?

The problem with being a blogger is that you get invited to all these swanky parties where you’re treated like a king by the PR reps. But it soon dawns on you that if you weren’t there for work not only wouldn’t you be able to afford the drinks, but it’s pretty likely that you’d be turned away for wearing a fake Rolex. Saying that at least I get to taste the good life, while you, the readers, are left looking on, and drinking at Windows Too until you either die or go home.

Anyway, on to the event itself…25 years ago Naomi Campbell was a diamond in the rough, and now a quarter of a century on she is one of, if not the, highest profile models on the planet.  Although it’s probably best not to mention diamonds to her face.

The lady herself was celebrating her career at the Dolce & Gabbana shop on the Bund. And it was a great excuse for a little star spotting and some general festivities.

A not entirely salient, but none the less interesting, observation I made at the event was that almost everyone was wearing thick rimmed glasses. And that fact got me thinking. Either the fashion world is full of farsighted people, or just a lot of pretentious tools. You decide, but I know which way I’m leaning.

At the party, and I am told now available at the store, there were limited edition t-shirts available for RMB 2,700. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Err, maybe if you’ve got the money. In fairness the money from them goes to charity so it isn’t like they are just trying to rustle up a little beer money.

So head to the shop and check the t-shirts out. Window shopping’s fun.



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not too least you

not too least you got the free drinks upstairs, not sure if the ice do any good though...

Mac to the Future

Living in Shanghai is awesome. But there are some things that have always bugged me about living in the city. But now thanks to Steve Jobs I can cross the lack of a local online Apple store off that list.

The site represents the 37th online store for Apple, and from where I’m sitting it’s the most important of the lot. Granted I’m sitting in Shanghai, but that’s not really the point.

Concerning the launch of the site, Tim Cook, Apple’s COO, said “We are thrilled to open our newest online store in China.” He continued. “With personalized engraving, configure-to-order options and free shipping on everything, the Apple Store is a great destination for our customers in China.

Have a look, and start saving in time for Christmas. And if you were wondering, I want iPad.

For all your Apple related needs head to and release your inner pretentious hipster.


So…you think you Know Shanghai?

So last year I took part in the first Shanghai Alleycat bike race. I turned up in the morning ready to win the race around the city confident that my unnervingly good sense of direction would lead me safely to victory and bucket load of prizes. But as per usual I was wrong, got lost and ended up taking a taxi home with my tail between my legs. But now there is a chance for me to earn my redemption…

This weekend Shanghai Alleycat is back again for its second annual race, following the same, ‘hit these checkpoints around the city in whatever order you want’, format as it was last year. The race is kicking off, and finishing at the Luwan Stadium Basketball Courts at 11:00 in the morning.

The most important thing about the event is of course the prizes, and with over RMB 100,000 in prizes up for grabs they are sure to be worth competing for. I am assured that they include custom bikes, gift certificates, and various other biking related paraphernalia.

I’ll be there bright and early to make sure that this time the TALK brand isn’t tarnished. Particularly after last year’s Jinqiao 8k, the less said about that the better.

Here’s where you register,, and if you want to plan your route to success, here’s the link,

When: 11:00, 30th November 2010

Where: Luwan Stadium Basketball Courts, Jianguo Lu, near Shanxi Lu

How Much: Free


Makin’ It Up As You Go

With Halloween coming up you can’t swing a cat in Shanghai without hitting some terribly themed event offering blood to drink, sorry, make that ‘vodka’ lemonade with a dash of red food colouring. But don’t fret, Shanghai TALK has got the perfect thing to remedy those Halloween blues.

And the answer to all your problems is exactly that, the blues. So join twocities this Friday for a special jazz vocal workshop led by pianist Steve Sweeting.

In an informal look behind the curtain, and through the hazy smoke filled jazz bar. The event will delve deeply into the creative process that makes the blues, and look into the methods of eight singers. There will be loads to be discovered as the secrets of jazz, and the birth of musical improvisation and originality are explained to the guests. 

RSVP required for this event, doors will close at 7:45 pm. Please RSVP to [email protected] or call (021) 5252 1518.


Where: twocities gallery, 50 Moganshan Road

When:  29th November


Music for Hope Charity Concert: In association with SAS and the Shanghai United Family Hospital

Here at TALK we like to bring you news, reviews, and all sorts of other information on the finer things about living in Shanghai. From us meeting Miss Universe, to schmoozing with Aussie rules stars the web team is always at the front of the queue when it comes to swanky events.

But when it gets down to the brass tacks these things aren’t important. So when we get a chance to publicize an event that has a real world impact, we’re always game.

On November 6th in the Performing Arts Centre at the Shanghai American School, there will be a fundraising concert to aid the orphans at Lao Wang Orphanage. The Tri-M Music Honor Society in association with the Mifan Mama Organization are going to put on one heck of a show for us to enjoy.

Starting from 18:00 and ending at 21:45, all the proceeds the event will go towards medical funds for the orphans at the Lao Wang Orphanage. There’s going to be plenty of music orientated entertainment and a silent auction for people to get involved in. Seems like fun to us.

At the moment Shanghai United Family Hospital has been giving free medical examinations to the orphanage but they can’t offer surgical assistance when it comes to the more complicated stuff involving the brain and heart. So the money raised will go to the hospitals that can do these operations.

It’s a great cause, and even if you have a heart stone and can’t be persuaded to go to help the helpless. Then chew on this for a moment.  The Shanghai American School is full of very talented kids, and they always put on a good show. So head down to the school come November 6th and let’s make some orphans very happy in time for Christmas.

For more information about this orphanage, please visit the Mifan Mama website:


Mexico's Finest Export

Just a moment ago TALK blogged that we had been to a tequila event at Mi Tierra, and described tequila as Mexico’s finest export. How wrong were we? While sipping down margaritas we got a chance to catch up with what is unquestionably Mexico’s finest export…Miss Universe herself.

In a surprise move by the organisers, I was allowed to ask Ms Navarrete (that’s Miss Universe for those who haven’t been introduced) one question. Not really knowing what to say, and having all the anxiety of high school rushing back into my stomach, my mind raced to think of a funny and interesting question to ask the ravishing Mexican. Luckily TALK has trained their web editor well and a couple of minutes later I had a killer question…

TALK- As Miss Universe, you have been tasked with representing women from across the globe. In this position you are held up as an ideal of beauty that other girls look to for inspiration. With this in mind how can you represent the people of Asia when their ideals of beauty are so different to those of the west?

Ms Universe- I think that there is a commonality between woman across the world, regardless of race, beauty comes from within.

You may well have read this blog and thought, ‘How does this have anything to do with city life in Shanghai? And why couldn’t you have just rolled it in to the previous blog?’ The answer to both those questions is that I wanted to put up a photo of her. I mean just look at her…

Where: 17 Yongjia Lu, near Maoming Lu



Monday Morning Margaritas

So last week I went to a whiskey tasting, at Alfie’s by KEE, and was given a schooling in how to drink Bourbon. And it seems like the news made its way to the Mexicans, because not wanting to be outdone; they invited the web team down to Mi Tierra for a chat about Mexico’s finest export…tequila.

Look…my Spanish isn’t that good, but I think I go the gist of what was been said and learnt a little about tequila in the process. For example, not all tequila is designed to be drunk in shot form…no seriously; there are some that taste excellent when sipped like a fine whiskey. We also learnt that the better the tequila the higher percentage of agave sugar has been used in its creation. What agave sugar is, I'm still unsure, but it's nice to know all the same.

Now on to the important stuff…The finger food was off the chain, as expected from one of TALK’s favourite Mexican restaurants, and so were the very welcome free flow Monday morning margaritas. 

Truth be told I haven’t been back to Mi Tierra for a while, but having been reminded quite how good it is I think I’ll make a reservation for the weekend. And suggest you do the same if you fancy some top notch Mexican food to warm your belly as the winter weather sets in.

Where: 17 Yongjia Lu, near Maoming Lu


Boxing Cat's Bankrupting Halloween Party

Another day, another soft opening party at Sinan Mansions. This time we traipsed back to the ghost town to sample the beers (and food) at the third edition of perennial expat favourite Boxing Cat Brewery. At this Cat, Kelley Lee has taken all the best parts of the Fuxing West outlet and added a bigger dining room. The menu will grow too and the restaurant will be open for lunch (with pared down versions of their epic servings), but they’re letting the kitchen staff get their feet under them in the new space before expanding their repertoire.

So when does it launch to the public? Kelley is planning on opening the doors this week quietly and seeing what kind of foot traffic strolls in, but on Saturday night, things are gonna get scary. Hands down the best Halloween deal in town, Boxing Cat the Third is throwing a costume party with free-flow booze and free food. Oh, and live bands to keep things rocking the whole night. If that’s not the perfect way to get to know a new bar in town, I don’t know what is.


Pudong Gets Sustainable

Vanke and URBN hotels have teamed up to build China’s next green hotel in the property goldmine that was the Shanghai Expo. The 20,000 sqm boutique hotel is part of a larger project which will become a commercial, retail and residential development where once hordes of tourists congregated to catch a glimpse of Croatia’s finest ties and traditional Mexican matrimonial masks (that’s what they were for… right?).

After successfully lowering carbon footprints in Puxi, URBN hotels is bringing a slew of sustainable practices to the other side of the Huangpu, the total of which will amount to a hotel that’s not just carbon neutral, but actually positive-impact. Expect stereotypically minimalist Japanese design from Fumihiko Maki, as well as a wellness centre that goes beyond your typical spa with acupuncture and TCM treatments.

“The hotel will increase the biodiversity of the site, and will discharge water that is cleaner than the water from the city’s water supply”, says Jules Kwan, Managing Director of URBN Hotels & Resorts. The hotel will also be carbon-neutral, and will aim for LEED and China Green Star certifications. In addition, URBN Hotel Pudong will continue its green operations legacy by aiming to surpass the 35% energy savings target hit by the first URBN Hotel.

Unfortunately, we won’t be booking tree-hugging friends and family into this environmentally friendly hotel until Spring 2012, but construction starts next month and service apartments and F&B outlets are expected to open in a year.

Fancy that Buuren’s Back!

What’s better than one really great DJ? Two really great DJs of course. And if you’re looking to see a couple of fantastic disk spinners over the next couple of weeks, look no further than M2. Hitting the decks in Shanghai’s favourite club will be the irrepressible pair Armin van Buuren and Markus Schulz.

Van Buuren, was recently voted top DJ in the world by DJ mag, and not to be left out Shulz ended up at number eight. Looks like November is shaping up to be a good month, and that isn’t even taking into account Thanksgiving. Am I the only one who is salivating at the thought of turkey, and pumpkin pie?

While the web team is excited to see M2 working hard to get the best DJs in the world in Shanghai. TALK isn’t convinced that Mr Van Buuren is the best in the world, and we’re left wondering why our very own Carl Lorimer was overlooked. Now he’s a DJ that this blogger can really boogie to. I suppose there is always next year Carl.

Anyway, I digress. You can catch these two DJs at M2 on November 12th (Shulz) and November 27th (van Buuren). Keep an eye on the website for previews, reviews, and photos. Maybe even an interview or two if you’re lucky.

Where: 4/F, 283 Huai Hai Zhong Lu, near Huangpi Nan Lu


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