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Not For Medical Use

For DJ wannabes, Tonium’s Pacemaker is a godsend – a cheap alternative to shelling out serious money on a turntable setup. Slightly larger than a mobile phone, this two channel audio device allows users to beat match and mix tracks, loop, add FX and record and edit the resulting masterpieces, giving one the false impression they could actually perform in front of a live audience. However as an mp3 player on steroids, it’s a powerful tool that gives you complete control over your music collection.

Price: RMB 3,980. Sunnytone Audio, 5 Hunan Lu, near Huaihai Lu. Tel: 3401 0205. Web:

Synergetic Current

Say hello to the genius Flipit! USB charger. Ideative’s crack team of scientists came up with the idea for this little doohickey after studying the symbiotic relationship between remoras and sharks, allowing you to plug in a mobile phone or mp3 player charger without wasting an electricity outlet. Simply flip out the tab, insert a plug through it and two devices now draw from the same power source. Better yet, the AC input range (100-240V 50/60Hz) means you can use it pretty much anywhere in the world.

Price: RMB 105. Web:


Mario in 3D

The obsession with all things 3D now extends to the world of portable gaming hardware with the recent introduction of the Nintendo 3DS. The system is an upgrade of its insanely popular DS handheld device, 150 million sold so far, with the addition of a 3D screen, 3D camera, motion sensor and analog control. Already out in Japan for JPY 25,000, it goes on sale in North America at the end of the month for USD 250. Expect to see it available in select stores throughout China in the coming weeks. Web:


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