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Shop Talk: Culture Matters

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There are two Culture Matters in Shanghai. One is an ICS TV show of no consequence (it just doesn't matter), and the other is a narrow store right next to Not Me that sells Shanghai culture so relevant you can walk around in it.
The store stocks a wide range of Chinese sneakers, some in canvas, some synthetic. The most well known brands are probably Fei Yue and Hui Li (Warrior), but they also have Double Star, from Tsingdao.
Fei Yue wushu shoes have become popular even outside China, and you can buy both export and domestic versions of the basic models at Culture Matters. There are also many styles of Hui Li, which a presenter for Wuxi TV recently told us were the only sports shoes on the market when he was a teenager in the early 90s.
Most shoes are available up to size 45, with the odd pair going up to size 50. At Culture Matters you can buy different coloured laces for about 3 kuai, an easy way to keep things fresh.
Prices: RMB 23-100.
Culture Matters. Open 3pm-10pm. 19 Dongping Lu, near Hengshan lu. Tel: 13671882040.



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