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Yesterday I was invited to the Shanghai premiere of Walking with Dinosaurs and had such a good time that I have been inspired to bring you more information on the stage spectaculars you can see over the coming months. And the first thing on the list is ERA - Intersection of Time The Multimedia Theatrical Spectacular.

While the name leaves a little to be desired. The show looks pretty good if you ask us. With the positively awesome sounding ‘Fire Meteors’ and ‘Space Motorcycle’ I doubt that anyone could say they aren't just a little interested to see the show. It’s a collision of Chinese culture and modern technology. Costing in excess of thirty million Yuan, the show has not skimped on anything and is sure to be a genuinely heart pounding thrill extravaganza.

Not only will you be amazed by the skill and precision of the performers but at the seamlessness combination of their art and the practically space age technology. Tickets start at RMB 80 and go all the way up to RMB 580. Which considering how much it costs to put on seems like a bargain to us. The show is happening at Shanghai Circus World and starts on the February 1st running throughout the month.

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Welcome to shanghai

The show has been running for about 4 years. Welcome to shanghai, alex

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Thanks for pointing that out.

Thanks for pointing that out. However, at no point did I say this was a new event. I was simply highlighting the fact that the show was on between the dates. Also thanks for the welcome; it’s nice to be appreciated.

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Alex, saying Era "starts on


saying Era "starts on February 1st" when it actually started 4 years ago, and was on every single night since then, makes your article look a little stupid.

Commenting saying you didn't say "this was a new event" isn't very intelligent.

But what's worse, you missed the chance of actually reporting some real news. The company behind Era has started a new show, Kaleido. It's been on before, but wasn't successful because locals thought it was too childish. They've changed it, and if I remember correctly they changed Kaleido into a 3D show or something. This does start in February 2011. Not 1st, but 3rd. Here's the link:

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once again thanks for the comment.


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