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Fashion 'Snow' @ Spam Art Gallery

Shanghai's chic and stylish gathered at the Spam Art Gallery on Xinle Lu for the aptly titled Christmas Fashion 'Snow' yesterday evening. So, in my Berghaus jacket, M&S scarf and Adidas zip-up hoody, I felt a little under-dressed to say the least.  Nonetheless, despite a few discerning glances here and patronizing smurks there, I wasn't all too disgruntled.

Scheduled to start at 6.30pm, proceedings didn't really get going until around 8pm, but that gave enough time for the gatherers to tuck into the free-flowing wine and festive French nibbles. Organised by O-Marketing, the event seemed as much a place to network as it was to witness the 'fusion of Art and Fashion' - this is Shanghai after all. Alternative prints decked the walls and eclectic music set the scene.

As for the fashion show itself, the layout of the site did not facilitate a smoothly-run event. Too many people were crammed into the awkwardly shaped gallery. As a result, the crowd began to meander up and down the three-floor staircase, making movement a hapless task. This problem was exacerbated by the fact that the three separate 'shows' were performed on a different floor. So, one may have been perfectly placed for one of the shows, but unable to view the second or third. The lights constantly turning off and on, too, only served to confuse the audience further.

Despite the inconveniences, the three separate shows were classy in their own way. The first, orchestrated by Italian designer Arianna D'Auria, featured two secretaries strutting their way around an office in stylish black dresses. Short-lived though it may have been, it was well-received. The second show featured the designs of Frau Ana from Germany. As the show began, Ana shouted to the crowds to not be afraid of colour and her clothes certainly were not. The model, imitating getting ready for an evening out on the town, went through lots of outfits, with pink and turqoise the dominant colours. The third and final show,  put together by Chinese designer Qiao Tao, was performed behind glass. The performance involved three models having their hair groomed, while dressed in seductive dresses and garish stockings.

All in all the event was a success, yet it would have been far better in a more spacious location, or indeed with fewer people in the vicinity. Either way, it was a good display of Shanghai's cosmopolitan characteristics.


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juicy juicy

Nice show but too squeezed !  Hey guys, think about charging entrance fee!!!

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too much

It's was fucking crowded!!!!! Next time please, charge the entrance ..... no space to move. 800people in that small gallery, how can u guys do that stuff?


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