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Lens friends

Cell phone cameras are dandy, but the glass sometimes needs a leg up. These interchangeable lenses by Photojojo attach to your phone via a removable magnetic ring. One is a 180 degree fisheye and the other is a combination wide angle/macro lens capable of focusing as little as 10mm away from a subject. Each lens comes with two magnetic rings, so you can easily share them between two camera phones. Just like a grown up SLR (or one of those cone shaped things dogs sometimes have to wear) the midget lenses come with back and front covers to prevent scratching.

Price: RMB 270 for both. Web:

Nintinnuendo: you’re so big

The confluence of technology is so advanced now that you can hardly tell a netbook from a cellphone from a web-enabled geo-tagging camera. The Nintendo DSi XL is just one more ingredient in the big bouillabaisse of multi-functionality. The device is web-enabled and has front and rear facing cameras, a built in mic and dual 4.2 inch screens, including a touchscreen. The screens are 93 per cent bigger than the DSi Lite, making it a better choice for reading and, oh yeah, gaming too.

Price: RMB 1,358. Web:

Tunebug Shake brings the beats to the road

One of the beauties of living in a developing country is the freedom we get to endanger ourselves. Consequently, not many of us wear helmets. Even those who do can easily undo their good work by listening to music through ear buds cranked so loud that they can’t hear the road noise around them. The best way to listen to loud music without endangering yourself is with the Tunebug Shake. The device straps on to the top of your helmet, making the whole thing into a head-shaped speaker. Sure, your skull will rattle around as the bass pogos away on your head, but fitted properly, the sound is good and it won’t deafen you to the surrounding world.

Price: RMB 815. Web:


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