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Share & Compare: Homemade Yoghurt

The word yoghurt comes from the snack’s original Turkish name, yoghurmak, which means “to thicken”, although Chinese variations have turned the phrase into a misnomer with their watery versions. Good yoghurt plays host to a variety of live bacteria that result in a tart, creamy, thick snack that’s good for you, but if you’re knocking back yogurt through a straw and getting a sugar rush as soon as you suck up the last dregs, you’re kissing the nutritional benefits of this yummy all-day treat good-bye. We donned our whistle and refereed the battle of the homemade yoghurts, taste testing our way through a gauntlet of Shanghai’s best fermented dairy products.


The longest running homemade yoghurt producer in Shanghai, Bebemamie has a small creperie in Hongqiao that serves its yoghurt, but delivery is the way to go for those who live downtown. The tiny bottles are stocked with New Zealand milk and French cultures and Bebemamie boasts that their diminutive servings pack a nutritional punch with 25 per cent of your daily needs in protein, vitamin B, calcium and riboflavin in just 30 calories. The yoghurt is produced on demand for maximum freshness, but we have heard complaints about the company’s inflexible delivery schedule.

Price: RMB 10 (delivery minimum eight bottles per week). In-store price: RMB 18 per bottle. 2003 Hami Lu, near Hongqiao Lu. Tel 6269 1701. Email: [email protected]

Le Bonheur

The latest foray into the homemade yoghurt arena, Le Bonheur opened in September after a Shanghainese businessman living in France returned home to find his craving for yoghurt unsated. Wrapped in a pretty little package tied up with string, the little bottle of “happiness” is a bio yogurt, which means it uses different starter cultures that result in a creamier, milder flavour – which works perfectly for the Shanghainese palate without turning the velvety concoction into a straw-worthy drink. As if the cutesy bottle and mildly sweet taste weren’t enough, each order comes with a bouquet of dried lavender.

Price: RMB 18. C 105-106, 1665 Hongmei Lu, near Shuicheng Lu. Tel: 6209 0799


So thick that the first scoop leaves an indent, Umoo’s handmade yoghurt is as creamy as it gets in Shanghai. Each serving is made with milk imported from New Zealand and comes accompanied with a side of honey or condensed milk to sweeten the exceptionally tart yoghurt. You can also select from one of six nutritional boosts (from collagen to probiotics) or add a variety of fruit. Smoothies chock full of fruit are also an option, and if you veer off the yoghurt path, teapuccinos, waffles and cold-brewed tea await.

Price: RMB 16. Unit C1, 166 Xikang Lu, near Beijing Xi Lu. Tel: 2206 8085

Winner: Umoo

While Bebemamie’s delivery service is tempting and Le Bonheur’s packaging is just adorable, Umoo’s creamy concoction with its big portions and freebie sweeteners win the day. We’ll be dolloping fruit in this yoghurt til the cows come home.



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