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Style TALK: M on the Bund

I have always been of the opinion that when someone gets you a diary for Christmas it’s them subtlety telling you that they don’t really like you that much, and couldn’t be bothered to think of decent gift for you.

So I was surprised when the guys who write the print magazine featured a diary in the ‘Hot and Cool’ section. To me this sounded like laziness on their part. But I’m happy to admit that I was wrong. The diary in question is the one from M on the Bund, and as far as diaries go this is pretty much the coolest thing I’ve ever seen.

The thing is amazing. From CD’s, pop-up pages, parlour games, and informative blurbs, the diary has everything you would expect from a diary but can also hold you attention like any good coffee table book does. I’ve already got my copy and couldn’t be happier. I literally spent almost an hour this morning flicking through it, while I should have been working. They have even included a couple of free gifts.

Price: RMB 198. Available at the M on the Bund and Chaterhouse Books. Web:



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Um ok

That would or might be valid except that in general cannibalizing your own editorial isn't done by a magazine's blog. Also the link for the story is on the sidebar and all the stories are put online...

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It is true that all the

It is true that all the content is put online. However as I said before many people who read the website don’t read every article from the magazine. I’m not really sure what the problem is. however, i do like it when readers offer constructive advice on how to improve the blog. the blog served to offer more coverage for something that i thought was legitimately cool and people might be interested in regardless of whether it was featured in the magazine.

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How does this qualify as a blog post? Paying a backhand compliment to your coworkers and then writing about something that was written about in the print edition?

Maybe you should stop being lazy and generate your own content.

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Im sorry you felt it was a lazy post. but not everyone who reads the website reads the print edition too. and i felt that the diary was cool enough to merit a blog post too. thans for readign and i hope you find future posts more in keeping with your interests.


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