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In this monthly column, Shanghai’s most committed dipsomaniacs get together to share and compare some of the wines available around town. It’s a no-nonsense guide to the good, the great and the bloody ordinary of wine. Which wine will win the day this month?


Mat Ryan – Partner in Cuvee and JustBeer.

Alan Duffy – Partner in Cuvee and F&B Consultant.

Kevin Cowman – Booze peddler for Dxcel.

Pablo Gil – Spanish beer guy (Estrella).

Thomas Geffre – Half English, half French wine guy.

Jacqueline Huynh – Smoking hot Aussie chick on the lookout for talent.

Sarah Forbes – Teaching English to the kids.

Jessie Bloom – Teaching English to anyone who’ll listen.

WINE 1 – Château du Cléray – Muscadet, France

“Flinty” was the opening comment on this wine from Thomas, and there were no disagreements from anyone. It’s certainly a very fresh wine, and Kevin surmised it might go down a little too easily. Even Pablo was a fan, despite the fact he’s not much of a white wine drinker. Thomas explained this was the most popular wine style in the UK during the ‘80s, and Jacqueline declared: “I’m drinking something I can’t pronounce so it must be good.” On the food matching front, Sarah pointed out that, “A kebab goes with everything.” So a kebab it is. 

Price: RMB 190


WINE 2 –  Château Mazetier – Bordeaux, France

Although Thomas reckons this is a straight-forward wine, there were some mixed reactions from our tasters. Mat agreed it was simple for a Bordeaux, but possibly a bit flat, and Alan backed that up by saying it was “a bit light and easy to drink.” The girls were in fine form with this wine and Jacqueline declared it “the hardest thing I’ve had to swallow in a long time.” The consensus from the fairer-gendered tasters seemed to be that this wine could be used as a last resort, something to crack open when you’ve run out of the good stuff. The lads thought that might be a bit of a harsh judgment, but at the end of the day this wine is what it is – simple.

Price: RMB 140


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