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Music for Hope Charity Concert: In association with SAS and the Shanghai United Family Hospital

Here at TALK we like to bring you news, reviews, and all sorts of other information on the finer things about living in Shanghai. From us meeting Miss Universe, to schmoozing with Aussie rules stars the web team is always at the front of the queue when it comes to swanky events.

But when it gets down to the brass tacks these things aren’t important. So when we get a chance to publicize an event that has a real world impact, we’re always game.

On November 6th in the Performing Arts Centre at the Shanghai American School, there will be a fundraising concert to aid the orphans at Lao Wang Orphanage. The Tri-M Music Honor Society in association with the Mifan Mama Organization are going to put on one heck of a show for us to enjoy.

Starting from 18:00 and ending at 21:45, all the proceeds the event will go towards medical funds for the orphans at the Lao Wang Orphanage. There’s going to be plenty of music orientated entertainment and a silent auction for people to get involved in. Seems like fun to us.

At the moment Shanghai United Family Hospital has been giving free medical examinations to the orphanage but they can’t offer surgical assistance when it comes to the more complicated stuff involving the brain and heart. So the money raised will go to the hospitals that can do these operations.

It’s a great cause, and even if you have a heart stone and can’t be persuaded to go to help the helpless. Then chew on this for a moment.  The Shanghai American School is full of very talented kids, and they always put on a good show. So head down to the school come November 6th and let’s make some orphans very happy in time for Christmas.

For more information about this orphanage, please visit the Mifan Mama website:



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