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OMG Naomi...What are you wearing?

The problem with being a blogger is that you get invited to all these swanky parties where you’re treated like a king by the PR reps. But it soon dawns on you that if you weren’t there for work not only wouldn’t you be able to afford the drinks, but it’s pretty likely that you’d be turned away for wearing a fake Rolex. Saying that at least I get to taste the good life, while you, the readers, are left looking on, and drinking at Windows Too until you either die or go home.

Anyway, on to the event itself…25 years ago Naomi Campbell was a diamond in the rough, and now a quarter of a century on she is one of, if not the, highest profile models on the planet.  Although it’s probably best not to mention diamonds to her face.

The lady herself was celebrating her career at the Dolce & Gabbana shop on the Bund. And it was a great excuse for a little star spotting and some general festivities.

A not entirely salient, but none the less interesting, observation I made at the event was that almost everyone was wearing thick rimmed glasses. And that fact got me thinking. Either the fashion world is full of farsighted people, or just a lot of pretentious tools. You decide, but I know which way I’m leaning.

At the party, and I am told now available at the store, there were limited edition t-shirts available for RMB 2,700. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Err, maybe if you’ve got the money. In fairness the money from them goes to charity so it isn’t like they are just trying to rustle up a little beer money.

So head to the shop and check the t-shirts out. Window shopping’s fun.



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not too least you

not too least you got the free drinks upstairs, not sure if the ice do any good though...


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