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Dining Out: SHOOK! It Up On the Bund


Craving a fusion of exotic food and spectacular scenery? The much anticipated Shook! Shanghai will turn your wildest dream into reality. The entrance hallway leading to the restaurant features beautifully designed wine cellars, showcasing some of the world’s finest wines and Champagnes. If the classically trendy decor of Time Bar alone isn’t convincing enough for you, the specially made signature Caviar Royal – a show of Moët & Chandon Vintage 2003 and ‘pearls’ of Crème de Cassis gives away the innovation in food – will surely do the trick.

No one can resist an adventurous culinary journey from east to west, and Shook! has diversity to spare on the menu: Chinese, Japanese, Southeast Asia and modern Western. Distinctive snow white dancing prawns, the chef’s recommendation, combines stir-fried prawns with hot mayonnaise and honey glazed walnuts. The Cajun style sea bass flirts with a pimento mayo and a spicy avocado cucumber salad. In case the appetisers haven’t satisfied your hunger, a sous vide grain fed beef course with foie gras crust and a truffle jus will definitely hit the spot, and the sizeable portions will almost certainly leave leftovers.

Don’t forget to check out the view! You can take your meal to the next level with dessert on the roof. Specially made yellow tiramisu or strawberry chocolate? With the stunning Huangpu River and the Pudong skyline in sight, who cares if it is a guilty indulgence? A little tip: do remember to bring your sunglasses. Coco Shen

Shook! Shanghai, 5F & 6F, The Swatch Art Peace Hotel, 23 Nanjing Dong Lu. Tel: 2329 8522


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oh the taste

great walking throught, I am surely tempted.


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