Local TALK: Hengshan Lu

Meandering its way from Putuo to Jing’an gradually down through Xuhui, this line of road changes its name five times before it becomes Hengshan Lu. Accompanied by Restaurant Martin’s General Manager, Leon Huang, TALK wandered down the tail end of the street in search of entertainment, dining, relaxation, shopping and more.

New Hengshan Cinema

This movie theatre opened in 1951 and had fallen into disarray in recent years. “I remember the Hengshan Cinema from when I was very young,” says Huang. “I never went though because tickets were too expensive.” Times have changed – the movie theatre reopened to great fanfare with its Art Deco face-lift and now everyone goes to the cinema, including Huang who caught The Tourist there just a few months ago.

838 Hengshan Lu, near Tianping Lu. Tel: 6437 7418

Xujiahui Park

“It’s one of the only five star parks in Shanghai, so you won’t see people doing anything impolite,” says Huang. What you will find is ladies indulging in ballroom dance classes at night, tai chi masters slowly gliding through their movements in the morning and committed basketball players shooting hoops all day. Head down there on weekends to catch performances, like magic shows and concerts, which the park puts on for the community.

Hengshan Lu, near Wanping Lu

 Restaurant Martin

In 1921, the Villa Rouge was the headquarters of EMI Records. The first demo of the Chinese national anthem was recorded here, and the original record still hangs on the wall, now beside awards lauding the current owner: seven Michelin star chef Martin Berasategui. When Huang’s not working, you can find him at the bar listening to the nightly live music while enjoying a glass of Spanish wine and a Cohiba cigar.

811 Hengshan Lu, near Yuqing Lu. Tel: 6280 7147


A relatively new addition to Shanghai’s clubbing scene, Huang jokes that it looks like a “lamp factory” on the inside. Decoration aside, he enjoys the discothèque for its song selection. “You actually see people dance here and the music is nice – mostly hip hop and R&B,” he says. “You can really feel the passion of the people.”

10 Hengshan Lu, near Gao’an Lu. Tel: 6555 9998



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