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Share & Compare: FroYo

Health-conscious sweet tooths swear by frozen yogurt, commonly referred to as ‘FroYo’ or ‘Frogurt’. With a quarter the calories of ice cream, it’s fair to say that the silky concoction is the healthier option. In an effort to find the best of this frozen deliciousness, we paid a visit to three of Shanghai’s top purveyors of FroYo.

Cold Stone Creamery

The Healthy Indulgence frozen yogurt at the American ice cream chain comes in only one flavour: plain with a twist of vanilla. It’s so creamy, sticky and rich it makes us wonder if this is really the low-fat healthy treat we were after. Fortunately, a small cup contains zero grams of fat and just 140 calories. A healthy choice it is! That is of course, if you’re able to limit yourself to just one cup.

RMB 25. B1, Raffles City, 268 Xizang Zhong Lu. Web:

Yo-Ba Frozen Yogurt Bar

Popular among locals, the frozen yogurt bar Yo-Ba offers plain frozen yogurt with many kinds of toppings: coconut flakes, blueberries, papaya, M&M’s, Oreos and gummy bears. The FroYo tastes similar to the typical watery sweet Chinese yogurt, but in a solid state. With the same icy structure of a sorbet, it is tangy and refreshing, but the non-fat, sugarless FroYo – with one dollop you only take in 100 calories – sadly cannot pass for the real deal.

RMB 12. 79 Xizang Nan Lu, near Shouning Lu. Web:


Yogu-La – an extension of Nice Café – blends frozen yogurt and ice cream in four different tastes: plain, chocolate, kiwi and pistachio. The generous portion of the plain version is creamy and thick, while the texture is similar to regular ice cream. Choices of toppings include granola, kiwi, dragon fruit and strawberry, but many will find there’s no need to flavour the rich FroYo. The nutritional facts: low-fat, low in sugar and the yogurt/ice cream blend still only has one-third of the caloric amount of ice cream.

RMB 25 (small), RMB 45 (large). Unit 3, No. 23, North Plaza, Xintiandi, 181 Taicang Lu

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