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Seasonal: La Finca’s Gazpacho

With longer days and shorter skirts, the month of July brings the dog days of summer. Bid farewell to spring fever; it’s the season of fruits and vegetables, and there’s only one that is on top of everyone’s list: the tomato.

To put to rest the eternal debate, the tomato is considered both a vegetable and a fruit, not to mention a healthy source of the natural antioxidant lycopene that has proven cancer-fighting properties, prevents heart disease and improves the skin’s ability to protect against those pesky summer UV rays. Rich in both Vitamin C and A, tomatoes are consumed by different culinary cultures all over the world, but the juicy red orbs are particularly indispensable in Mediterranean cuisine. Yes, the Spanish and the Italians love their tomatoes, incorporating them in numerous dishes, so it’s no surprise we looked to the Iberian Peninsula for a taste of summer tomatoes in the form of a refreshing gazpacho.

Spanish restaurant La Finca serves up dining with a lake view in Xintiandi alongside their bowls of traditional gazpacho. Served with seasoned breadsticks and Jamón Serrano, the classic cold soup blends tomatoes, cucumbers, red and green peppers and olive oil to create a vegan broth, topped with just a hint of fennel to bring out the flavours.

For a twist on the traditional, try the ‘La Finca Gazpacho’. The liquid salad mixes the same veggies, but adds fresh fruit plus a heartier dash of herbs to give this dish a quirky kick. The best part? The cold tomato content comes separate to the bowl of blueberries and cherries. Food suddenly becomes DIY: pour and mix your desired amount of chilled tomato soup into the fruit bowl.

La Finca. 373 Huangpi Nan Lu, Xintiandi South Block. Tel: 5383 2998

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