Dining Out:German Delicacies at the Expo

Many pavilions are gone with the Expo, but lucky for us, the much acclaimed Bavarian restaurant Paulaner Bräuhaus Shanghai continues to bring us delectable German cuisine and freshly brewed beer from its Pudong location.

When you think of German food, the first thing that comes to mind is sausage with beer, but Paulaner has much more to offer than just the stereotypes. The German salad layered with eggs, cooked ham, corn and celery is a flawless artwork, and the pork salad is exquisitely chopped and soaked into a specially made sour sauce, leaving it light and fresh. Even the brezels, the signature German style pretzel, are delicately crafted in to the shape of a tree and comes accompanied by three different sauces: schalz, liver mousse and butter. Don’t miss Paulaner’s mixed Bavarian combination. The meaty course is a combo platter of varieties consisting of cured pork knuckle, braised pickled smoked pork neck, meat loaf, sauerkraut and mashed potatoes. For drinks, there are three types of beer: Lager, Dark and Wheat. The perfect marriage between delicate German meal and soft, yet bitter German beer makes you almost believe you are in Bavaria.

Did we mention the beer is made in Paulaner’s own distillery? Since you’re already there, remember to take a tour in its shiny microbrewery.

555 Shibo Dadao. Tel: 2206 0555. web: www.bln.com.cn



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Seems nice

I had some German food in Hongqiao area, like you said, all I got was beer, sausage and weird meat.. but that's how I met Jägermeister though! Hope this restaurant will change my mind about cuicine da Deutsch =)


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