Youth Talk: Trip to Turkey

My time in Turkey flew by just like the wind, but the memories still remain as if it were yesterday. I experienced cultures that were extremely different from my own. The warm smiles on the Turkish people’s faces and the heart-warming and simple food will always be unforgettable. These are the memories that will last forever.

Istanbul is a city rich in history, culture and diversity. Across the city, majestic fortresses stood proud and strong under the sun, while minarets dotted the skyline. The mosques in Istanbul were spectacular with domes standing so high and with tiles so intricate. For many of the students on the trip it was the first time entering a mosque. During our stay in the city we also visited two palaces. They might not have been as big as the Forbidden City in Beijing, but there was a significant difference in the architecture. The Topkapi Palace holds some of earth’s treasures, including one of the biggest jade stones and diamonds in the world.

Kusadasi was also one of our destinations and this part of the trip was the highlight. We swam in the Aegean Sea, had a mud bath, walked through a gorge and visited a place where Jesus’ mother Mary actually lived and saw Ephesus, an ancient port city. My favourite parts of the trip all happened in this part of Turkey. I still remember the mud bath… soaking into murky, warm water was so relaxing. Once I got in I did not want to get out!

While I write, memories flood back…the gentle Turkish spring breeze, the heart-warming and scrumptious Turkish food, the beautiful and majestic structures, as well as the kind and friendly Turkish people. I’m amazed by how much I saw and accomplished in Turkey.

Mitchell is in Year 8 at Yew Chung International School of Shanghai.

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