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I am on a hunt for the perfect pair of jeans. It’s not the easiest task anywhere in the world, but seems to be particularly difficult in Shanghai (particularly for ladies packing a little extra bootyliciousness in the back). Where can I find my new pair of favourite jeans?


Denim Diva

Dear Ms Diva,

Well the change of seasons is upon us so we are all looking to our wardrobes for something a little warmer than those summer dresses and shorts. Who can go past a great pair of jeans at this time of the year?

We still have our absolute favourite lady at shop 44 on the second floor of the 580 market (580 Nanjing Xi Lu, near Chengdu Lu), who is still helping customers find their perfect pair of jeans. Just tell her low or high waist, skinny, straight or bootleg and what colour you like and she will keep bringing them to you to try on until you get the right pair. If you are after a particular brand, just ask as they are not all on display. Best of all, if you tell them you are a friend of Suzy's, you will be amazed at the great deal you get! This lady also occasionally gets the seconds from the factories and you might end up with a ‘real’ pair of something (if you are after seconds rather than fakies, ask and she will show you the different types). The men's selection is particularly good here at the moment and really big sizes are available. 

 If you are a similar size to Chinese people, the most jeans we have ever seen for sale in one place is at Qipu Lu, they have a whole building dedicated just to jeans and the prices start from RMB 30 a pair. Be prepared to be overwhelmed and be careful of your valuables.

For a quieter shopping experience, the corner of Yuyuan Lu and Wulumuqi Lu is home to a small shop selling men’s jeans and shoes. They sometimes have real CK and LV jeans here for under RMB 300, which is a pretty good deal in anyone’s language.

If you want the real thing (seconds, etc) and are of smaller stature (max size 36 for men and about a 10 for women) start at Yan'an Lu and Shanxi Lu and walk south along Shanxi Lu, there are numerous little French Concession shops there which get loads of seconds from the factories and turn over huge numbers of jeans. If you don’t find what you are looking for the first time around, keep going back as they are constantly getting in new stock. Similar shops to this can also be found along Hengshan Lu near Yongjia Lu (right on the corner next to exit 1 from the Hengshan Lu metro station) and dotted about the French Concession. Don't be put off by the not-so-charming window displays, get in there and have a forage around.


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