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Oh Rats!

We all know that living in a big city come with pest problems. New York wouldn’t be New York without seeing the occasional cockroach scuttle by while you try to convince some nubile young model to come back to your studio apartment. In Shanghai the pests you encounter are usually of the English teacher variety but this isn’t the case at a former favourite eating joint of this blogger.

After having enjoyed a good meal, nay a great  meal, at the Xinjiang restaurant on the corner of Xikang road and Wuding road this blogger was shocked to see a couple sizable rats scuttle past the booth.

I am assured by those who speak Chinese, that after we brought the rodent problem to the attention of the hostess she said, “Oh, fancy that”. Before calling over one of the many waiters loitering in the area and asking him to sort it out. The waiter then proceeded to kick a speaker near to where rats were spotted. To what effect, TALK has no idea, but it looked like he was having a good time.

Will I go back there again probably not, but if you are considering trying it out, ask yourself what those spicy kebabs are actually made of.


Neither TALK nor this blogger is suggesting that the delicious lamb kebabs actually contain rat meat.



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Love the picture. I've eaten

Love the picture. I've eaten there and enjoyed the food, the rats dont bother me that much tbh. Are there any other good muslim food places that you can suggest if i fancy a change?

Tom P


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