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Hot Actresses of China

A question I get asked with some frequency is, “Wow man, you must work with like a lot of really hot girls, yeah?” And my answer is, “Yes, yes I do.” So, for men to peruse and women to hate, here are some of the actresses I've worked with in the last six months. Some slutty, some bitchy, some even nice. All hot. I took, with one exception, all of these pictures. It's the best way to make friends with an actress. You take her picture, Photoshop it, smooth her skin, make her whiter, get rid of dark circles, put a glow in her eyes and brighten them. She looks at it and loves it and so loves you because, as she invariably says, “He captured the real me.”

Mo Xiaoqi

She's been working for a few years. I did two projects with her this year. She's been good in small movies and should hit the big time next year. Has two major movies coming out, one with Jackie Chan and Andy Lau.

Jinzhu Zhuoma

A 17 year old ethnic Tibetan who is just starting out. She has lots of charisma and will be a star in two or three years.


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