Local Talk: Wuyuan Lu

In 2010, Yongfu Lu seemed to explode overnight into the city’s most popular party spot, but while merrymakers were busy getting rowdy until the wee hours of the morning, a street’s commercial rebirth flew quietly under the radar. Intersecting Yongfu Lu’s northern end, Wuyuan Lu quietly stocked up with boutique shops, family restaurants and cosy spas.

Yu Massage

A steaming cup of jujube tea awaits spa-goers when they enter Yu Massage’s quiet oasis. The colour of coffee, this tea has Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) properties that will give the drinker strength, which you’ll need to power yourself back through the bamboo grove and into the real world after your relaxing treatment is through. Their most popular Chinese-oriented treatment is “The Cheerful Journey”, a 120 minute quest for relaxation featuring rose-scented essential oils.

366 Wuyuan Lu, near Wukang Lu. Tel: 5403 9931

Godly Vegetarian

The haven for cheap herbivores, Godly Vegetarian serves up a completely meat-free menu for a pittance. It’s a noodle shop spin-off of the more famous Godly Vegetarian, Gongdelin in Chinese, which started serving up duck made out of wheat gluten in 1922. While there are a handful of mock meats on the menu at the Buddhist brand’s Wuyuan Lu outlet, the wontons are what keep even the omnivores coming back, and the fact the average dish is RMB 25.

97 Wukang Lu, near Wuyuan Lu. Tel: 6471 8909

Dave’s Custom Tailoring

Dave started his tailor apprenticeship at the age of 15, learning the time-honoured methods used by tailors from Savile Row. Now, 45 years later, he oversees 20 tailors who churn out some of the finest bespoke suits in the world, according to Forbes. A guidebook regular, Dave set up shop down a Wuyuan Lu alley in a stately villa. With a showroom on the first floor and fitting rooms on the second, he has built a reputation on quality. 

#6, 288 Wuyuan Lu, near Yongfu Lu. Tel: 5404 0001


If you’re searching for a paraben-free alternative to scrub away Shanghai’s dirt and grime, look no further than Flow. The brainchild of proprietor Mari Takeshita, Flow is stocked with an array of soaps that boast TCM properties and no additives. The selection comes in a variety of scents, all tailored to specific skin conditions. Sensitive-skinned beauties should opt for the Lingzhi Mushroom option, while those looking to whiten their skin should select the Rose soap.

89 Wuyuan Lu, near Changshu Lu. Tel: 6471 7284