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Suzhou Special: Illustrated Walk

Shiquan Jie – Shopping Street

Running east of Renmin Lu in the south of the old city lies Suzhou’s answer to Changle Lu, Shiquan Jie. The street is packed with all the shops, bars and restaurants you could hope for, all in one convenient location. Take a short detour of the main drag and you’ll find countless little shops each selling their own brand of authentic Suzhounese crafts. Unfortunately none of shopkeepers speak English so best get your pointing skills at the ready. If you’re bored of shopping there are plenty of bars and coffee shops for you to rest in while your companions continue filling their bags with all manner of souvenirs. But be aware, some of the less reputable bars have girls that aren’t exactly waitresses, if you know what I mean.

John Brown Chocolates (#366)

Looking for a snack on the move, or something to calm your irritated spouse? Then pop in to this shop and bask in the only smell that’s better than sex… chocolate. Prices vary from reasonable to very reasonable.

Herbal Heaven (#399)


If leather’s your pleasure than this is the shop for you, with gorgeous bags, belts, wallets and bound notepads, among the seemingly limitless leather goods.




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