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Laser-Guided Promotion

In the boardroom, what separates future CEOs from middle-management is not where you got your MBA or how well-designed your business card is. No, it all comes down to Power Point skillz. For ambitious executives everywhere, this 72-key Bluetooth keyboard includes both a touchpad and laser that allows you to instantly add your boss’ ideas to a PPT while simultaneously pointing at your presentation’s graphs and snazzy clip-art. For added effect, dim the lights to show off the device’s backlit illumination and the jealous look of your colleagues’ faces caught in its warm glow.

Price: RMB 300. Web:

Sit Up Straight

If you’re like most poor schmucks, you work in a stressful office environment at least eight hours a day slumped in front of a computer. Enter GymyGym’s The Chair – the world’s first ergonomic exercise chair. Using a flat bungee support system, the seating surface conforms to your body much in the way your significant other spoons you while you sleep. With resistance bands attached at various points, the chair also allows you to work all of the body’s major muscle groups in 16 exercises, all without taking your eyes off your Excel spreadsheet. 

Price: RMB 4,000. Web:

The Sweet Taste of Silence

Don’t you just hate when after a long day at work you get stuck on the subway next to a person who feels the need to scream into their mobile phone? Or when you’re at the movies and not only does a phone ring during the film’s climax, but someone answers and proceeds to have a conversation? Instead of resorting to violence, simply turn on this handy cell phone jammer disguised as a ubiquitous cigarette packet to enjoy a 32-foot radius bubble of 3G and GSM-free silence. Buyer beware, in most countries such devices are a legal no-no.

Price: RMB 300. Web:


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