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The Hot List

In this column, we highlight a few of the bars, clubs, DJs and other musical talents who are heating up Shanghai.

Mixing Room by Muse Grand Opening

The Muse Group officially took over management of the Mercedes-Benz Arena’s secondary space when they brought Taiwan’s hip-hop don MC HotDog to town last month for the grand opening. The energetic crowd was putty in the island icon’s hands – his dope, often explicit rhymes made all the ladies swoon and the boys wish they were named MC HotDog. Following up this impressive beginning, the Mixing Room will host Simple Plan and Neon Trees this month, and there is buzz of a ‘shadowy DJ who used to be an unkle’ putting in an appearance in late September, which, frankly, would be absolutely epic.

Hi-Tec Summer Trinity

Why book one international DJ when you can book three? Shanghai promoters Hi-Tec asked that very question when planning their warehouse party at The Waterhouse last month. Although the gorgeous space has already been utilised by many a corporate event, this was the first proper clubbing event at the venue. Francesco Farfa and Marc Romboy shared the decks with local staples Afro-J, Philippe Ortega and Patrick Mai, before the indefatigable Funk D'Void took over at Zeal’s afterparty. Keywords: sultry & sweaty. Rumour has it October will see a second edition with a chromophobic Brazilian DJ’s name being bandied about – but you didn’t hear that from us.


Unless you’ve been living in a cave in the Hindu Kush for the last five years, you’ve heard of B6. In a scene with too few local heroes, he has shown the way forward by solidifying his position as one of the country’s premier electronic music producers. By day B6 is one of the founder’s of creative network NeochaEDGE, by night he sonically destroys the city’s clubs and bars with techno and house he crafts in his home studio. He’s also released several albums, launched an independent music label and toured Europe and Australia. On 18 August, he will put on his punk rock hat to corrupt the city’s youth at The Antidote’s Sixth Anniversary at C’s Bar. For the musical collective he helped create, this represents their astounding 137th event. Needless to say, without The Antidote and B6, Shanghai’s music scene would be a very different place today. So get down there and show your support!

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