Save Your Shanghai Life

We’ve all experienced it – the inevitable bad China day. While it’s not fun to lose your keys or break your computer, there are some easy fix-it measures you can take that will ensure you won’t be banging your head against the wall while trying to navigate the city’s language and cultural barriers. And, remember, where this advice falls short, there’s always whisky.

Dude, Where’s My Key?

Locked out of your apartment at 3am? Avoid repelling down to your balcony from a higher level or breaking down the door with an ill-judged shoulder charge. Simply call the 24/7 locksmith service! Better yet, the helpful operator on the end of the line speaks simple English.

24-hour locksmith English service. 5566 6661

Save Your Life, Literally

Shanghai got you down? Need a person to talk to? You’re not alone. LifeLine Shanghai is a non-profit organisation that offers free, confidential and anonymous information and emotional support via the telephone. They are affiliated with and accredited by LifeLine International and funded in part by the World Health Organization. Launched in 2004, the helpline has continued to provide Shanghai's international community with easy access to effective support, crisis intervention, referrals and information.

LifeLine Shanghai. 10am-10pm, 365 days a year, 6279 8990

Help Hotlines

Lost in translation? Dial 962288, better known as the Shanghai Call Center. The English language hotline has operators standing by to answer questions related to the city, including information about tourist destinations, culture, sports, trade, medical care and other issues of daily life in Shanghai. They also translate for you and give out addresses.

Shanghai Call Center: 962288

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