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Dear Suzy,

I’m in desperate need of wrapping paper - and newspaper just won’t cut it for the occasion. Is there anywhere in Shanghai that can class up my gifts?



Dear Unwrapped,

I remember when I first came to Shanghai it was so difficult to get specialty paper or wrapping paper of any description. Now it is readily available and in lots of interesting styles and designs we don’t see outside China very often.

Apart from the obvious, some interesting places for wrapping paper are IKEA. The megastore has a standard range and, of course, during the end of the year holidays has a great range of Christmas paper as well. Madame Mao’s Dowry on Fumin Lu (near Julu Lu) has a small range of interesting wrapping paper, as well as some great Chinese-style gifts to go inside. Yiren Gallery (Jinqiao Shopping Centre) has pleasant, art-type paper useful for any occasion.

At the Hongqiao Flower Market, there are a surprising number of tiny shops that sell a range of wrapping paper at the back of Building B. In Building A, Shop 94-A not only sells wrapping paper (and a HUGE assortment of ribbons), but also plain coloured paper. This paper is primarily used for floral arrangements but can also be used for scrap booking and wrapping gifts, and the range of colours is the best around this area.

Fuzhou Lu is a great place to go foraging for different kinds of paper and stationery, they don’t really have wrapping paper there, but there is plenty of specialty paper for art projects and the office.

If you want some really special paper, head to My Landiao, they have a showroom at 409 Wukang Lu (near Ferguson Lane) or you can check out some of their specialty papers online at in both English and Chinese. You can order any quantity of these papers, but stop by the shop to check out the samples. Their ‘ancient method’ paper is from the ‘paper mulberry’ tree so has an environmentally friendly message (according to the website).

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