Local Talk: Eco Village, Fenglin Lu

Relatively new to Shanghai, the Eco Village complex at 485 Fenglin Lu, near Zhongshan Nan Er Lu is home to an array of shops and cafes, all of which promote sustainability and environmentally friendly principles. The converted textile warehouse has been taken over and completely renovated by the natural and personal care company, Eco & More, which has a branch on site. Although the area is still not completely finished it is a diamond in the rough, with new businesses frequently moving into the complex. These include a gym, the Eco and More café and an organic fruit and produce market, opening between September and October. However, you can still find brilliant sustainable produce right now so it is definitely worth a visit. Make sure you check out the hidden gem of a roof terrace,in which a sustainable garden is currently being cultivated. 


Sprout Lifestyle

Growing from the popularity of their health hub in Surpass Court, Sprout Lifestyle has launched a café in the Eco Village, to continue their quest to promote a green lifestyle and healthy habits. Not only are there tasty snacks stocked with superfoods to savor at the café, such as the bestselling refreshing watermelon mint smoothie (perfect on a hot day), but also readymade meals to take home, so that eating healthily becomes convenient as well as tasty. The café has a friendly vibe and members of staff are more than happy to advise and recommend dishes and drinks to suit you and your health goals. The sprouts served are freshly grown in the Eco Village’s sustainable garden, so the menu is always changing with the seasons and new produce. 

Sprout Lifestyle. Building 13, Eco Village, 485 Fenglin Lu. Tel: 3137 3869. Web: www.sproutlifestyle.com


Eco & More

Created by Shanghai resident Jeni Saeyang, after feeling there was a lack of products committed to environmentally friendly practices, Eco & More has expanded as a business for developing green but affordable products. From home necessities such as cleaning products, to little luxuries such as candles and lotions, Eco & More provides products safe from unnecessary chemicals and toxins, but without the expensive price tag usually associated with ‘being green’. The company has recently won an excellence award for sustainable development and Saeyang is the brains behind the Eco Village. The candles, made in store and enriched with imported essential oils and plant extracts, are a must have. Our favourite is the new 100% Soy Wax Candles (RMB 220) 

Eco & More. Building 9, Eco Village, 485 Fenglin Lu. Tel: 3137 3820. Web: www.eco-more.com



Squirrelz is a quirky design store, focused on promoting local designers and brands, while leaving a minimal carbon footprint. Not only can you buy unique designs, such as Eden Jewelry, a brand committed to raising profits for victims of human trafficking, but there is also a t-shirt printing workshop on site, Wasavy’s, where you can design your own T-shirt and have it delivered to your home. The store also holds interactive workshops with local designers, where you can learn how to make a variety of items. 

Squirrelz. Building 10, Eco Village, 485 Fenglin Lu. Tel: 137 6409 1047. Web: www.thesquirrelz.com





cute boutique, specializing in beautiful clothing items and promoting local designers. Quality is definitely valued over quantity, as each design is only produced a couple of times, which makes each piece unique and noteworthy. The store is attempting to change the typical model of clothes being mass-produced in poor working conditions and instead has the motto, ‘Responsibly Made In China’, making it the perfect clothing store for the Eco Village. 

FASHIONSUPERMARKET.net. Building 12, Eco Village, 485 Fenglin Lu.  Tel: 6384 1597. Web: www.fashionsupermarket.net











Corazon Cupcakes

For a sweet snack, Corazon Cupcakes has the answer. Not only does the store have a range of cupcake flavors and frostings, ranging from classic lemon and vanilla to sweet potato and Baileys; there are also cakepops, treat lollipops and cookies. The company also makes cakes to order, so for a special occasion, this is a great personal gift. With Mid-Autumn Festival this month, Corazon is also making a special mooncake themed cupcake and has a range of back to school cupcakes for September.

Corazon Cupcakes. Building 11, Eco Village, 485 Fenglin Lu. Tel: 6433 1228. Web: www.corazoncupcakes.com


V Cleanse

After their success in Surpass Court, V Cleanse is opening a raw, vegan, juice bar in the Eco Village complex. V Cleanse is the first company to introduce cold pressed juices to China and these juices are used for the company’s specialized cleansing and detox program. These programs can be done for just a couple of days or planned for a month, but each program is designed to suit different lifestyles and health goals, whether it be detoxing after the weekend, or as part of a weight loss target. The bestselling detox program consists of 6 drinks per day; most containing 1kg of vegetables and fruit, with others containing raw nut milk to provide protein and fiber for your diet. V Cleanse not only encourages healthy eating but a continued healthy diet and lifestyle; a friendly alternative to standard weight loss programs. 

V Cleanse. Building 13, Eco Village, 485 Fenglin Lu. Tel: 4001-8-42779 (4001-V-HAPPY). Web: www.vcleanse.com


ReVita Life

ReVital Life not only serves healthy smoothies, but is home to Shanghai’s first oxygen bar and provides oxygen therapy sessions. They claim a recommended 20 minutes in the oxygen bar can help assist with relief from migraines, stress, heat exhaustion and even hangovers! Along with oxygen therapy, the drinks served are also beneficial for your health. There are specific drinks for immunity boosting, slimming and increasing low blood sugars all in tasty flavors such as vanilla strawberry, cherry and coconut. 

ReVita Life. Building 5, Eco Village, 485 Fenglin Lu.


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