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Never Get Wet Again

By understanding the laws of aerodynamics, this futuristic looking Senz umbrella will protect you against all weather conditions. Senz believes that this product will eliminate all known umbrella struggles and, although a bold claim, the extensive amount of design awards from around the world proves that they may have stumbled onto something revolutionary. With its ‘stealth bomber looking’ design, the Senz will withstand wind speeds of 100km/h (70mph), meaning strong winds will no longer be a problem!

Price: RMB 250 upwards (plus postage and packaging). Web: 


Up Your Game

With a name that includes ‘hypervenom’ and ‘phantom’, the Nike Hypervenom Phantom needs to be something special. However, the fact that the £48 million priced players Neymar and Wayne Rooney will be sporting these fancy numbers next season proves that maybe the name is acceptable. Nike has gone through some extensive testing and innovation to create boots that boost agility, traction and allow for quicker release. The price may be a bit off- putting, but the results in your game may be worth it, plus they do make you look flash! 

Price: RMB 1,689. Web:

Watch The Phone

Are smart watches the next big thing? Sony seem to think so with their upgraded SmartWatch 2. This sleek piece of waterproof and dustproof engineering boasts a four day battery life where, via Bluetooth, the user can read messages, control music, answer calls... and of course, tell the time. The device is compatible with most Android handsets, but it’s definitely worth checking your compatibility beforehand. 

Price: TBC. Web: 




Scale Back

You may balk at spending over RMB 1,000 for an item that does the job of your bathroom scales, but the Withings Smart Body Analyzer measures more than just weight. By downloading the specially designed application on your android or iPhone, the body analyzer measures heart rate and body fat, allowing the user to get a real insight as to how well their training is going. This product is also available in the Apple store and through Amazon. 

Price: RMB 998. Web:



Perfect PC

This all-in-one Acer PC wants to become your family’s new multimedia hub. With Intel Pentium or Celeron processors, integrated graphics and up to 16GB RAM, it may not exactly challenge Deep Blue, but it does have mum-like multitasking powers, with Windows 8 home screens for everyone, a 19.5-inch, 1600x900 LCD screen and Dolby Home Theatre surround sound. You will be very satisfied with this piece of kit in your house. 

Price: RMB 5,772 Web:


Make It Snappy

The Canon EOS 700D is the 'flagship' device in the company's entry-level consumer DSLR range. Canon has included some creative features as well as a very responsive and user-friendly touchscreen to make sure this camera appeals to first time users as well as those looking for an upgrade. The Canon EOS 700D is one of the lightest DSLR cameras, so its size is not a problem for its users. 


Price: RMB 4,669. Web:



App of the month:

Adidas Snapshot

Adidas has launched a new Snapshot app that aims to bring information from your kick straight to your smartphone. It can track things like speed and flight, time of a single kick, as well as playback on your shot in slow motion. Footballer Gareth Bale has posted his own 78mph sample shot with the app to help get users started. The app simply requires you to record your kicks with the built-in technology. You can upload kicks straight to social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube as well as compete against others who have posted their own. 


Price: Free. Web:


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