Shanghai’s Top Bachelors and Bachelorettes

For the romantically unattached, Valentine’s Day has a nasty habit of driving one into a self-questioning pit of lonely despair. Luckily singletons, there are plenty of good-looking and successful fish currently swimming in Shanghai’s sea. Just in time for February’s day of love, TALK got out the trusty fishing pole for a little catch and release.

Chris Busschaert

Age: 46

Job: Executive Pastry Chef at The Waldorf Astoria

From: Kortrijk, Belgium

Horoscope: I’m Sagittarius, 100 per cent. I’m adventurous. I just go for it. That’s me!

Hobbies: Driving motorcycles, fast ones. I also like snowboarding and skydiving. And I’ve been doing Muay Thai boxing for 20 years.

Hidden talents: I speak Flemish, French, Dutch, Thai, Tagalog and English. And I know bad words in Shanghainese.

What he looks for in a woman: A beautiful smile and long hair. She has to be easygoing, the sporty type and someone who loves to travel and is independent. Smart girls do a lot for me.

Best way into his heart: Not through my stomach! Just being there for me is really important.

Deal breakers: Smoking. I don’t smoke, so if they do, then our futures won’t match. Also, if she’s too lazy. Relaxing is a part of life, but if she has no goals or motivation.

Why he’s still single: I travel a lot because of work, which makes it not very easy to find someone.


Kenneth Tan

Age: 33

Job: Coordinator, ShanghaiPRIDE and Editor At Large,

From: Singapore

Horoscope: Capricorn. I've never actually quite known what my horoscope is supposed to say about me! Don't quite believe this hocus pocus!

Why he moved to Shanghai: I needed to explore somewhere new, so I came to Shanghai in 2003 with a backpack and a one-way ticket.

Hidden talents: My hidden talent is in my pants and let's keep it that way for now.

What he looks for in a man: Someone who doesn't take himself too seriously, has a nice smile, a sense of humour and can put up with my shit.

Worst pick-up line he’s ever received: "Can I be your friend?" – I notice it's used a lot here and it's just the biggest turn-off!

Best way into your heart: By knowing what's going on in my mind.

Best way into your pants: Loads and loads of martinis.

Deal breakers: Bad breath and bad personal hygiene.

Why he’s still single: My cat takes up way too much of my time and he sleeps next to me every night anyways.