Art News

Fine Sculpture Art Exhibition @ The Peninsula Shanghai
The six-month Fine Sculpture Art Exhibition, which is curated by Guy Simard and Eve-Marie Bilodeau, the proprietors of Galerie Simard Bilodeau in Laguna Beach, California, is the second edition of the eclectic cultural event to be held at the hotel. The exhibition gives local art enthusiasts and collectors an opportunity to view a part of Galerie Simard Bilodeau’s peerless collection of sculptures and installations. As successful art consultants and collectors, Eve-Marie Bilodeau and Guy Simard have a unique understanding of global art markets, and the rising demand for bronze sculptures by Chinese collectors.
Fine Sculpture Art Exhibition runs until 31 March 2016 @ The Peninsula Shanghai. New York Room, 14/F, 32 Zhongshan Dong Yi Lu, near Beijing Dong Lu. Web:


Creating Terminology? Entropy? @ The Bund Art Museum
The exhibition will feature a selection of work from Zane Mellupe’s ‘graphies’ series of artworks, an ambitious project where she explores the materiality of her medium, photography, through the use of the language used to define it.
Each “graphy” is an attempt by the artist to create a personal dictionary through which she seeks to translate her work, allowing the visual medium to be read and interpreted in much the same way as the written word. The naming procedure and classification play a crucial part of this project, the artist can invent a language and impose a perspective upon the viewer, but through interpretation the audience must ultimately accept and cooperate. As in all living languages, not all words are taken up and used.
Creating Terminology? Entropy? runs until 19 December @ The Bund Art Museum. 201 Hankou Lu, near Jiangxi Zhong Lu. Tel: 6321 2256. Web:
Theatre of Paper @ Pearl Lam Galleries
A group exhibition showcasing a prime selection of painting, installation and video works by six Chinese contemporary artists.
As the earliest artists in China to experiment with abstract or conceptual art in the 1980s, living between two or more different cultures—either physically or spiritually— each artist has forged a unique language of art in the past three decades. In light of this, Theatre of Paper aims to reveal the subtlety and sensitivity of each individual artist’s practice in the indefinable and shifting transitions from one culture to another and vice versa. Rather than try to make generalised statements to frame these artists in overarching artistic theories, each artist should be seen as an individual working in his/her own personalised micro-theatre. This exhibition
encourages audiences to look at each artist’s works on their own terms, both visually and intellectually.
Each artist depicts his or her own reality with different possibilities in today’s globalised world, where tradition plays a vital role and is a key factor in encouraging dialogue between local and global parties in an unbiased way. Therefore, the micro-theatre of an artist can be imagined as a subversive micro-utopia that challenges the homogeneity of culture and hegemony of capitalism.
Theatre of Paper runs until 10 January 2016 @ Pearl Lam Galleries. G/F, 181 Jiangxi Zhong Lu, near Fuzhou Lu. Tel: 6323 1989. Web: