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New Eats: Graffiti

The movement to combine art and food in both setting and atmosphere has moved beyond Taikang Lu. Newly opened Graffiti, a space named for the street art that will soon decorate its white exposed brick walls, is the brainchild of restaurateur Alexandre Daune.

Guests are invited to leave behind their own scribbles of graffiti on a mirror and wall near the restroom- somewhat like leaving behind a diner's eco-friendly footprint. A laid-back, casual, but distinctly youthful and current vibe is translated through the staff's friendly and talkative manner.

If you're wondering how street art itself translates into food, it doesn't. The art theme stops at the decor and staff's wonderfully memorable Super Mario-esque jumpers. Graffiti's menu is based on simple, fresh, quality produce and meat. The focus is on slabs of lamb, beef, and lots of seafood, with grilling being the predominant cooking method. All meat is, quite rustically, served on a wooden slab with your choice of vegetables. No frills, really- a set lunch starting at RMB 88 for two dishes, and a dinner menu starting at RMB 48 for yummy tartine appetizers, to RMB 138 for a nice portion of grilled lamb, or sirloin steak, or pork fillet, or salmon (or tuna, or scallops, etc ...). Beyond the appeal of freshly barbecued meat, the tartines demand attention with youthfully rebellious names and promising ingredients- Don Jamon Ramon (Bayonne ham, tomato, onion, Edam Chese), and You're Under Arrest (white tuna, carrots, mayonnaise).

In keeping with the theme of simplicity and youth, desserts are neither elaborate nor overdone. Graffiti offers a waffle dessert with a choice of Nutella (reminiscent of days when one ate out of a jar) and even a somewhat macho ‘Graffiti Man's Daily Dessert’.

However, before you get the impression that the niche clientele is jailbait, health fanatics, or both, the happy hour special should lead everyone. From 6 to 8pm every day, all drinks are buy-one-get-one-free. Jade Zhu

570 Changle Lu, near Xiangyang Lu 5403 2657


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Loved it!

 Went with a big bunch of friend and had an amazing evening! May it be the service, the Red Tuna (Oh My God...), the affordable bottles of Prosseco or the offered tapenades "tartines" perfect match for a starting glass of Ricard, they have understood what a good night should be made of! Not to mention that Music was as tasty...

Will make it a weekly thing for sure!




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