Oysters: The Original Aphrodisiac

Chef David Brode moved to Shanghai four months ago with oysters on the brain. You can currently find him at Osteria, but in the next couple months, he, along with the Osteria team, are planning to open The Plump Oyster, a bivalve bar named after the food blog he started when he travelled the world.

Why are oysters considered an aphrodisiac?

Scientifically speaking, [oysters have] tons of protein, B-vitamins and lots of minerals, namely zinc. Zinc is basically the most helpful mineral for impotence.

And on a personal level?

Personally speaking, sure. I haven’t had any ill effects. I’d say the more trials, the better.

What’s your favourite type of oyster?

It changes. At the moment, it’s my namesake oyster – David Hevre. It’s a French oyster from Brittany that is very balanced. It’s got a nice deep cup, plenty of meat, very crisp, very refreshing with just enough salt and seaweed. A little creamy, a little mineral-y. It gives you just about everything.

What’s a good starter oyster?

Basically the saltier and smaller an oyster is, the easier it is for an oyster novice. What you want to avoid is a big oyster with a big oyster flavour, like a Belon. It’s just kind of a mouthful. You should work your way up to that.

What’s your favourite thing about oysters?

The best part about oysters is that they’re just like wine or cheese. There are many different varieties from different regions, and they all have their own little idiosyncrasies and characteristics. You never get bored with them. It’s something you can continue to try as your palate develops.

Osteria currently runs a weekly promotion every Tuesday. RMB 137 nets six oysters with three glasses of white wine or RMB 197 for three glasses and a dozen oysters.

For Valentine’s Day, Osteria is offering a special a la carte menu of Valentine’s favourites, including (of course) oysters, Champagne, caviar, lobster, snow crab and Wagyu beef. The minimum charge per person is RMB 600.

Osteria. 226 Jinxian Lu, near Shanxi Lu. Tel: 6256 8998. Web: www.osteriaspirit.com


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