KORE Therapy @ The Peninsula Shanghai

The Peninsula Shanghai has become the first spa in the city to add the globally acclaimed KORE Therapy programme to their offerings. Developed by Dr John Brazier in the UK more than 20 years ago, KORE Therapy is a neurological based treatment that integrates Western and Eastern ideologies and orthopaedic muscle testing skills to ascertain the root cause of pain, illness and fatigue.
Dr Brazier is an honouree Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine and a specialist in Western musculoskeletal systems. This outgoing, Northern English doctor became interested in Eastern medicine after becoming one of the first ninjas in the UK and learning about the intricacies of the human body from an Eastern medicinal perspective. A happy coincidence, through his day job as an engineer, took to him Beijing and a chance meeting with a university doctor, after an injury, led him to study TMC in China and then other forms of Eastern medicine in Japan and Thailand before pursuing a career in wellness therapy; and as they say, the rest is history. 
After opening a practice in Lancashire, North England, with a Chinese colleague, and creating the KORE Therapy programme, Dr Brazier has become extremely successful in his field, and is now the Vice President of The Federation of Holistic Therapists, the UK's largest professional therapist association. KORE Therapy has also proved successful in enhancing sporting performance and injury assessment. Olympic athletes, Premier League footballers, professional golfers, tennis coaches, Indian Premier League cricketers and champion body builders seek treatment from Dr Brazier to increase their power before a match, or treatment for their pelvic, spinal, digestive, nerve, energy and blood flow issues.
Dr Brazier visited The Peninsula Shanghai’s spa in December to conduct a five-day KORE Therapy training programme, teaching the Peninsula’s therapists and personal trainers to diagnose the causative factors in many musculoskeletal issues. The subsequent treatment is then aimed at achieving an immediate reduction of pain, increased strength, performance enhancement and faster recovery from illness and injury.
We were lucky enough to be invited for a session while Dr Brazier was in the city. Our treatment began with a personal consultation, and a conversation about our specific health and wellness needs. We identified that sleep problems were our biggest concern, although the doctor can also help with neck, back and leg pain, bowel and digestive issues and immune system problems amongst other things.
As we lay, fully clothed on the massage table, Dr Brazier laid his hands on our body and discovered a slight rotation in our hips, which was compensating for an old injury in our right leg. He pinpointed the exact problem by using muscle testing, which involved the doctor applying pressure to different areas of our legs and then asking us to hold our thumb and ring finger together as he tried to pull them apart. If there was an injury in the area he had touched, it was harder to hold our fingers together against the opposing force. The doctor also discovered an old neck injury, exacerbated by constantly looking down at the computer or phone screen. We were told that problems with the neck could lead to sleeping problems, as there is a musculoskeletal imbalance between the head and neck. After the assessment, Dr Brazier aimed to treat these specific problems through the integrative KORE Therapy technique, which is a mixture of Western and Eastern philosophies, as he rebalanced and realigned our body.
Although we were sceptical at first, the doctor proved the success of the treatment by once again using muscle testing. This time, after he put pressure on our problem areas, we were able to resist his pressure. Seeing the apparent, immediate improvement was undeniably impressive.
If you are looking for a personalised treatment that is targeted to help improve your specific ailments, which you have not been able to cure with more commonplace treatments, it might be worthwhile seeking treatment from a KORE Therapy trained professional. Furthermore, Dr Brazier will be returning to Shanghai in 2015, so make sure you contact the spa if you would like to book an appointment with the master himself.
KORE Therapy @ The Peninsula Shanghai Spa. Price: RMB 580 +15% (30-minute consultation); RMB 1200 +15% (60-minute consultation and screening treatments).