Chinese Zodiac Signs

Year Of The Sheep
This year is the year of the sheep and it starts from 19 February, 2015 to 7 February, 2016. Any child born within this time period will take on the Chinese zodiac sign of the sheep. The sheep is the eighth animal in the zodiac calendar and, if you know anything about Chinese culture, you will know that this will naturally be seen as a very fortunate birth sign to have. This zodiac animal symbolises love and happiness, and people born in the year of the sheep are most compatible with people born in the year of the rabbit, horse or pig but are least suitably matched with people born in the year of the rat, ox or dog. People born under this sign take on many characteristics of the sheep such as being easy-going, sympathetic, amicable and gentle. They are very sensitive, and much more likely to favour compromise over confrontation. The sheep longs for stability and seeks out long-term relationships and steady jobs, although they do appreciate the little luxuries and beauties in life. Sheep have a persistent nature, and they stay positive and don’t give up when the going gets tough. A person born in the year of the sheep is the type of person you want around when you are in a tight squeeze.
Celebrities Born In The Year Of The Sheep
Nicole Kidman (20 June, 1967)
Mick Jagger (26 July, 1943)
Nat King Cole (17 March, 1919)
Benming Nian
Starting from the Chinese lunar year you were born, every 12 years marks your Chinese Zodiac year, or your benming nian. Unfortunately, this is apparently an unlucky period for those welcoming in their zodiac year; that’s 12, 24, 36 etc… year olds. However, luckily, it once again helps to wear red. You will see red underwear being sold in mom-and-pops shops, decorated with the sheep zodiac sign, around the city. So, if you are a sheep baby, buy a pair quick sharp to ward off bad luck.