Around Town

Your news round-up for the month of January & Febuary
Cracking Down On Cabs
Unlicensed Taxis 12 unlicensed taxis, which were using the third-party booking application, Didi Taxi, have had their vehicles confiscated, with some facing a RMB 10000 fine. None of the drivers had a business licence and their cars were not registered as taxis. Shanghai residents must be wary, when stepping into a taxi, that the vehicle is being operated legally otherwise, in the event of an accident, they would not be able to claim compensation, as the vehicle is not insured. It is also not safe to travel with a driver who is not vetted by the system and therefore has no accountability. Take care when commuting!
Plastic, Not So Fantastic
We have all heard the stories about young Chinese women flocking to foreign countries, such as Korea, to go under the knife and change their physical appearance. Upon returning to China, after their plastic surgery, many look so different that they have trouble convincing immigration staff that it really is them in their passport photo. But what happens when the surgery turns ugly? Shanghai Zhen’ai Women’s Hospital has launched a hotline to give advice, consultation and medical help to those who have encountered bad experiences with plastic surgery abroad. FYI, the number is 4008 805 522.

A Nobel Act

Nobel Prize winner and Shanghaiborn scientist, Tsung Dao Lee, who won the award in 1957 in Physics, has donated his medal and diploma to the Tsung Dao Lee Library at Jiao Tong University Minhang campus. Visitors to the library will be able to view the impressive accolade and it will hopefully inspire the next generation of Shanghai-born talent.

The Glamour Has Gone
There was sad news at the end of 2014 with the announcement that Glamour Bar, on the Bund, would be shutting its doors for good. This year’s Shanghai International Literary Festival will now be held at sister venue, M on the Bund, in the Crystal Room at the restaurant. Whispers around town are that the bar was forced to close after the lease expired and rent was excessively raised. Glamour Bar will be sorely missed amongst the expat crowd in the city, as it was known for its cultural events, great cocktails and even better company.