October 2012 Trivia Quiz

If you think you’ve got what it takes to beat our monthly brainbuster, take our China themed quiz and prove your brainy talents! Be sure to answer the Sherpa’s Bonus Question for your chance to win RMB 800’s worth of free food from Shanghai’s number one delivery service.

1. On 1 October, 1949, who raised the Chinese national flag over Tian’anmen Square?

2. What is the officially recognised national animal of China?

3. What is the name of the official China national anthem?

4. Putonghua refers to the official what in the People’s Republic of China?

5. What is the traditional Chinese dress for women called?

6. People often mistake the tree peony as being the national flower for China. It is in fact, what?

7. True or False? China’s total land mass is approximately 6.9 million square kilometres.

8. Which was the first country to establish diplomatic relationships with the PRC?

9. True or False? Currently there are approximately 1.5 million active Chinese troops.

10. What is the literal meaning behind the Chinese ‘Zhong Guo?’

11. How many recognised minority groups are there in China?

12. True or False? Red Chinese lanterns are lit not only during Chinese New Year, but on the National Day as well.

13. What was the last imperial dynasty of China running from 1644 - 1912?

14. True or False? China joined the WTO (World Trade Organization) in 2001.

15. In what year did China launch its first independent manned space mission?

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