Bar Review: The Rooster

What: Yongkang Lu's newest cock of the walk
Why: Hangover be damned! Bring on the frozen margaritas!
How much: Bottles and draft beers RMB 30 upwards; frozen margaritas RMB 35; pull pork sandwiches RMB 35
Where: 51 Yongkang Lu, near Xiangyang Lu

The Rooster is the newest bar to strut into the mix on Yongkang Lu, radiating a relaxed vibe you'd find at any university bar in the West. Started by two brothers from the States, it's a simple affair where the focus is predominately on grabbing a drink and lounging, be it at the bar's high tables or pitched up on the street to join the brauhaha outside. For those looking for something more intimate, there's a small seating area above the bar, of bean bags and pillows around low tables. And while sitting there, you'll undoubtedly notice the bar's affinity for classic rock. Tunes come from the likes of Boston, The Doors, Dire Straits and Sir Elton (you got your tickets yet?) John.

The bar specialises in frozen creations served from three frozen drink machines behind the bar, continually swirling concoctions of sugar, alcohol and ice. At the moment two flavours are on offer: Margarita and Mango Mischief (both RMB 35). These drinks are heavy on the sauce, so if you take them back too quickly, be prepared for more than just brain freeze.

On the brewed side of things, you'll find bottles of Corona, Gold Cider, Pure Blonde and Kingfisher (all RMB 30) paired up with drafts of Heineken (RMB 30) and Hoegaarden (RMB 45 small; RMB 60 large). For food, the bar's only offering is a pulled pork sandwich (RMB 35), which proves to be more than just a gimmick. A good helping of slow-cooked pork meat is paired with a tangy, slightly spicy barbecue sauce, a surprisingly hearty coleslaw and one substantial bun.

Still, like most of the venues on Yongkang Lu, the management encourages ordering pizza or sushi from one of the other spots on the street, should you be crowing for some.