Just Desserts: Jiong Gelato

What could be more perfect than ice cream? By itself or paired with a sliver of cake, a five-course meal would seem incomplete without it. But don’t give us the mass-produced stuff, soulless and uninspired as it is. We demand the best: fresh, frozen and with a bit of sass.

Enter Jiong Gelato, Shanghai’s seriously delicious delivery service ice-creamery, with a menu reading like a true celebration of ice cream’s awesomeness. There’s Superman Chocolate (if it’s good enough for the S, it’s got to be powerful), Madagascar Vanilla (we dare you not to drool over the scent), Too Rich Tiramisu (why didn’t someone think of this before?) and much, much more. And the lactose intolerant among you need not shake your fists; Jiong Gelato also serves dairy-free sorbet flavours as well.

The texture is creamier, the cups are heavier and the ingredients are more honest that any brand from the grocery store. “We blind tested all the ingredients before we decided on which to make our ice cream from,” says Alwin Siy-Yap, Co-Owner of Jiong Gelato.

And when we tasted it, each cup we opened was frozen rock solid upon delivery, ensuring us that as we scooped out each rich, luscious bite, we need not fear it turning into cream soup after only a few minutes.

At the moment, we can’t wait to order our next batch of seasonal ice cream flavours, such as Espresso Yourself, Mint Chocolate Chip and Bailey’s Irish Cream. The names alone whet our appetites even in spite of the long, cold months ahead, tucking into a cup in our warm, heated apartments.

And so our hearts have found a place for Jiong Gelato; how we love you guys! Don’t stop churning out the (ice) cream of the crop.

RMB 20 per small cup; RMB 70 per big cup. Appointment only. Tel: 187 1777 9040. Web: www.jionggelato.com


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