Around Town

Your news round-up for the month of November
LEGOLAND Is Coming To Shanghai
MERLIN Entertainments Group and Shanghai-based China Media Capital announced the start of their joint venture to develop LEGOLAND Park in Shanghai and the city's neighbouring regions. As well as the traditional outdoor family entertainment theme park, LEGOLAND Park, the venture will also be engaged in developing new local indoor entertainment brands including The Dungeons, LEGOLAND Discovery Centre and DreamWorks Tours - Kung Fu Panda Adventures. All the more reason to stay in the city!
Livestock Farms Shutdown
Over 1,100 livestock farms that failed to meet hygiene standards will be shut down by March 2015. Farms that do not meet animal epidemic prevention and waste discharge standards are some of the main culprits for contaminated water and soil in the city. The Shanghai Water Affairs Bureau said improper waste discharge by farms was the main cause of water pollution in suburban areas. Hopefully, we will never again see a repeat of the pig carcases in the Huangpu.
Air Filters For Diesel Buses
5,000 of the city’s dieselpowered buses will be fitted with emission filters by the end of the year after similar devices were attached to 200 buses last year. In a previous trial, the filters were found to reduce the emissions of PM2.5 particles by more than 95%, leading the scheme to be rolled out across the city. Breath deeply, Shanghai.
Cuts To Pesticide Use

The Shanghai Agricultural Commission has announced a target to cut, by half, the amount of chemical pesticides used in the production of green vegetables. This is great news for residents of the city and comes as a result of growing calls from the city’s consumers for better food safety. New technologies will now be put to use instead of the traditional chemical pesticides.