Around Town

Beware Of Emotional Sunstroke
Shanghai police have warned the public that scorching summer temperatures are leading to a rise in the levels of road rage. They have dubbed this phenomenon “emotional sunstroke” and state that drivers are more likely to be irritable, meaning that minor incidents can quickly escalate into violence. As always, make your mother proud by following the road safety rules, especially in this weather!
Chongming Island Lifts No-Foreigners Camping Rule
It was reported last month that a British tourist was turned away from Dongping National Forest Park due to a “Chinese only” policy. It was stated that the park did not have the technology to register foreigners staying at the site. However, this ruling has been overturned and foreigners are now welcome to pitch their tents, so long as they bring their passports along with them. Carry on camping, waiguo ren.
Crackdown On Taxi-Booking Apps At Hubs
It may soon be impossible to use a ride-hailing app to book a cab at city transport hubs such as airports, railway stations and ferry terminals. City regulations already ban the use of apps such as Didi-Kuaidi and Uber, due to the amount of congestion they cause in these busy areas. However, traffic law enforcement teams have started a campaign to stop and inspect drivers who they believe may be flaunting the rules. Looks like we will be seeing you in the taxi queue.
Disney With Chinese Characteristics
Disney has released further details about their upcoming Shanghai Disney Resort. Along with adding attractions not seen in the five other resorts, they plan to incorporate Chinese elements by celebrating the country’s rich cultural heritage. Examples of this nod to the host country include a teahouse named Wandering Moon, a garden mosaic depicting the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac using images of Disney characters and local Shikumen architecture. The park can’t open soon enough in our books!