Gadgets & Gizmos

Burton Heatsync Vital
It is not long until we will be hit by the full force of Shanghai’s freezing winter, so why not prepare in advance for this year’s big chill? This underthe-jacket heating system will keep your core warm, even in the coldest of conditions. Don't get caught out in the cold again.
Price: From RMB 480. Web:

180s Exolite Sonic Ear Warmers
These ear warmers are designed for active, outdoor lovers who also enjoy listening to music. The QuantumHeat™ fabric will keep your ears warm through the colder months and can be worn with hats, helmets and glasses.
Price: From RMB 290. Web:

Heston Blumenthal's Dual Boiler
The three Michelin star chef has put his name to this Dual Boiler espresso coffee machine, and if that isn’t enough reason to buy it then we don't know what is. Treat yourself this autumn and make some of the best coffee in town in the comfort of your own home.
Price: From RMB 11,700. Web:

Logitech Harmony Home Control
Staying cosy in your own home this autumn has never been easier, thanks to this home control devise. Use your smartphone, or Harmony remote, to control a whole range of devises from the comfort of your own sofa.
Price: RMB 960. Web:

Do nighttime noises or early morning renovation works disturb your beauty sleep? Employ the use of this white noise machine to optimise your sleep and improve the quality of your brain function.
Price: TBC. Web:

Swarovski Shine Slake Set
This bracelet makes activitytracking technology look sophisticated and elegant. Not only is the bracelet bedazzled with a beautiful crystal but it also measures your daily activities and quality of sleep and syncs wirelessly with your smartphone.
Price: From RMB 1,800. Web: www.swarovski.comWeb:
App Of The Month: Shanghai Bloggers
With a curated collection of Shanghai Bloggers, this app helps readers keep up to date with the latest happenings in our fast paced city. There are over 40 different blogs, covering a wide spectrum of genres such as food, fashion and the latest Shanghai news. Get introduced to your new favourite Shanghai blog through this convenient app.
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