Around Town

Your news round-up for the month of July

Disney Stamps
Anticipating the opening of Shanghai Disneyland, and following the opening of the new Disney Store in Pudong, last month China released its first Disney Stamp! The new stamp features a Mickey Mouse made with three traditional Chinese cloud circles. Each stamp is worth RMB 1.2. A ceremony to mark the release of the stamp was held at Jing’an Park. Shanghai Post and the Walt Disney Company will be developing more Disney related stamps. A-hyuck. We can't wait!
Airport App
The Shanghai Airport Authority and Alibaba are developing a mobile phone application and website to track flight details for both Honqiao and Pudong airports specifically. The app will feature a service to let passengers know about flight delays. According to airport authority president, Jing Yiming, the goal is to keep passengers informed if they will be stuck at the airport for a long period of time – which as we all know seems to happen more often than not. The airport authority, with Alibaba, will also develop another application for future visitors of the Shanghai Disney Resort. Flights to Shanghai and Disney tickets will be sold through the app. Just another preparation for the coming Disneylanders!
Shanghai Is China’s Most Expensive City For Foreigners
Mercer's 21st annual Cost of Living Survey shows that Shanghai is Mainland China's most expensive city for expatriates to live in. Last year, Shanghai was at number ten in the world. This year, our beloved city is the world's sixth most expensive city. According to Mercer principal, Nathalie Constantin-Metral, Chinese cities as a whole, jumped up in the rankings due to the strengthening of the Chinese Yuan and the high costs of expatriate consumer goods. Foreign investment and foreign talent are also contributing to the high cost of   living. We can officially say we’ve raised the bar!
Change In Entry Requirements For Taiwanese
Mainland China will be changing its entry permit requirements for Taiwanese residents starting 1 July. Taiwan residents will now need a travel pass, but will not need to apply for a visa-like entry permit. This new type of travel pass will last for three months. Also, the terms of validity for a Mainlander's travel pass to Taiwan was extended from five years to ten, whilst that figure remains at five years for Taiwanese residents. Great news for Taiwanese expats!