Alternative Eats: Lizzy's All Natural

What: A fresh and more fulfilling alternative to Shanghai's little juice stands
Where: Anken Life. Unit S9A, 667 Changhua Lu, near Anyuan Lu. Tel: 185 1617 5274. Web:
Why: For quality, healthy and delicious drinks whenever you want!
The little juice stands dotted around Shanghai’s streets can leave a lot to be desired. The watery juice seems to be gone before we notice it and it isn't very nutritious because the cheap juicers remove all the fibres. In short, the juices can be quite unsatisfying. Lizzy's All Natural, however, is a little store that has big plans.
Founded by holistic health coach, Elizabeth Schieffelin, Lizzy's All Natural aims to bring Shanghai residents fresh, high quality beverages. Using the same food provider as many of Shanghai's five-star hotels, Lizzy's ensures quality ingredients for a nutrient-rich drink. They currently offer 36 different blends of green smoothies, fruit smoothies, yogurt smoothies, non-dairy milks and other raw organic drinks.
Lizzy's started off as an offshoot of Schieffelin's holistic health coaching. Schieffelin would suggest green smoothie recipes for her high-stress, professional female customers. She eventually started making the drinks for her personal clients. Word got around, as it does in Shanghai, and she started providing a range of 20 green smoothies, fruit smoothies and non-dairy milk recipes. A friend eventually suggested that she open a storefront for the drinks, and the rest, as they say, is history.
Schieffelin's store opened in early May at the Anken Life complex, surrounded by a well-curated range of storefronts including a boxing studio, a flower shop and a spinning centre. But, if you don't want to make your way to northern Shanghai, you can order Lizzy's smoothies exclusively through Kate & Kimi. Schieffelin and the team are currently working on new flavour combinations, which means you’ll never get bored of a healthy smoothie.
These new varieties are currently top secret, but there will definitely be a decent amount of coconut milk, veggies, antioxidant-rich fruits and even some cacao powder. We choose to start our morning off the right way with a Love At First Sight smoothie (RMB 30), a combination of raspberries, cherries, banana, cashew milk, raw organic cacao powder, medjool date, ground flax and Tahitian vanilla. A tangy, sweet and, most importantly, fulfilling drink.
Taste tests have been a regular fixture and bigger projects such as smoothie cleanses and protein shakes have started to roll off the line. Schieffelin told us that the next step for her will be to expand the store for lectures and films on healthy living and to reach out to kids.
Individual drinks range from RMB 18-32. They also offer smoothie cleanse kits that range from RMB 188 to RMB 208. Lizzy's All Natural is also available for order on