Former El Bulli Chef Joins Napa Kitchen & Wine Bar

After last year’s tragic death of talented, young Chef Martin Bentzen, Napa Wine Bar & Kitchen has a new chef in kitchen. Chef Francisco Araya, a native of Chile who formerly worked at the acclaimed El Bulli, is cooking up seasonal specialties on the Bund. 

With this new addition to the Napa team, Philippe Huser, the restaurant’s owner, continues his streak of bringing young, creative chefs to the city. Since 2008, Araya has worked around the world at critically-acclaimed restaurants (including Spain’s Mugaritz, which has two Michelin stars and has ranked in Restaurant Magazine’s Top 10 Restaurants in the world for the past decade).

Along with two other El Bulli alums, Araya opened his first restaurant in Tokyo in 2012. 81 Restaurant serves “borderless cuisine” that ranges from European to Japanese (and occasionally the two together) using molecular cooking techniques that validate the owners’ experience at El Bulli. The restaurant received its first Michelin star the year after opening, when Araya was only 29, and the chef returned to his native Chile that year.

Napa marks the first time the chef has worked in China, and the new menu he’s brought with him reflects his globetrotting cooking style: tender Hokkaido scallops swaddled in a blanket of crisp Iberico ham, bite-sized matsutake pastries made extra earthy thanks to black truffle, crispy skin-on garoupa paired with tart ponzu.

Like all menus at Napa, the wine pairings for this introductory menu are sublime, most notably with the Angus beef short ribs. The marbled meat and slow-cooked tongue are paired with a 2007 Bordeaux (Pomerol) from Chateau Le Gay. Light without being delicate, the wine brings out the best in the beef – and vice versa.

In addition to a new chef in the kitchen, Napa has also added a page to the back of their menu with a list of their suppliers, noting that the foie gras come from Food In, the Blackmore Wagyu from White Strip Fine Food and the fresh black truffles from Yunnan’s Dian Qi. It seems like Shanghai has finally caught up with the dining trends of the past couple years in the West, with suppliers taking some of the credit for the excellent food on the table.

This month, Araya debuts a special "Introduction Menu" that will run throughout September featuring a seven course menu of these signature dishes at a special price of RMB398/person or a sumptuous 10-course menu for RMB 798. Optional wine pairing, of course, is available for both.

2/F, South Bund 22, 22 Zhongshan Dong Er Lu, near Xin Yong'an Lu. Tel: 6318 0057

KTGA Presents Vintage Tribal Fest - The Fourth Grand Bazaar

Kick The Gong Around is holding their fourth Grand Bazaar, the Vintage Tribal Fest on 4 to 5 July.

Inspired by the colourful tribes of the world, such as the Gypsy, Maori, Gaucho, Yunnan, Massai and more, this event will create an immersive environment that celebrates their beautiful design influences as well as their cultural diversity through cuisine, music, art, and performances.

The event will feature the Tribal Stage (sponsored by Perrier) with live music and performances throughout the weekend, a Gypsy Bar (sponsored by Spirits of Independence) and the Mediterranean Dome (sponsored by Summergate) which will treat VIP guests with a special wine tasting.

Following the tradition of previous KTGA events, Tribal Fest hopes to bring rich content for a weekend of fun in the sun. There will be over 100 sellers including vintage shops and local designers, artisanal foods, men's and lifestyle brands, furniture, design products, workshops, world cinema and a kids area.

Get a perfectly mixed drink, purchase colourful pieces, take part in craft workshops, salute the sun with Yoga classes, taste world cuisines and dance away the cares of city life with happy tribal beats!

Saturday 4 July - 12pm to 10pm. Sunday 5 July - 12pm to 8pm. RMB 50 for one day. 158 Julu Lu, near Ruijin Lu. Datong Mill. Tel: 158 0094 2934. For more information, visit

Bocuse d'Or

Bocuse d’Or consists of highly selective, competitive cooking that offers the world’s most promising chefs the opportunity to represent their region at the grand finale, in 2015. The Asia Pacific region has been participating in this worldwide event since 2008, with territory expanding to Australia for the first time this year. The nine competing countries included Australia, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea and Sri Lanka.

After two intense days of competition, the winner of Bocuse d’Or Asia Pacific was been announced: Hideki Takayama of Japan. Winning this honor allows Takayama to represent the Asia Pacific region at the Bocuse d’Or Finals. Australia and South Korea, which came in fourth and fifth, respectively, were additionally selected to advance to the Lyon finals.

With the Asia Pacific division quickly gaining culinary maturity, the rules were changed, this year: “For the first time, Asia Pacific participants competed under similar rules as the final in Lyon, France next year.” (Otto Weibel, President of Bocuse d’Or Asia Pacific)

Contestants were required to prepare two dishes, one fish and one meat, in 5 hours and 35 minutes – in comparison to the previous 3-hour time limit. The meat had to be “whole or re-carved or recomposed”, and the chefs were required to take part in the carving themselves. Constraints such as these are similar to the ones that will be enacted in the Lyon Finals.

Be sure to watch for the finals in Lyon, next year. It promises to be an unforgettable culinary experience.

17th Shanghai International Film Festival (SIFF)

A massive crowd of nearly 300,000 attended the 17th Annual Shanghai Film Festival (SIFF).

Star-studded entrances of 400 celebrities graced the opening ceremonies, including Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant, Song Hye-Kyo, and Nicolas Tse.  During these opening ceremonies, Hugh Grant and John Woo presented Nicole Kidman with an Outstanding Contribution Award.  Director Jiang Wen also received a prize for his contribution to Chinese Cinema (his upcoming film, Gone With The Bullets, is expected to be released at the end of this year).

With over 1,099 films from 102 countries entering the Asian New Talent Award, MOBILE SIFF, and Golden Goblet Award, this was definitely an exciting night to remember.  Listed below are the award winners:

Award Highlights

Asian New Talent Award for Best Film: I'm Not Angry!
Asian New Talent Jury Prix: 10 Minutes
Grand Short Award: Full Time (Best Performance: Chris Langham)
Best Feature Award: Malakim
Best Documentary: Circus Song
Best Animation: Entrance Examination
Micro Movie of the Year: Pork & Luna
Best Scriptwriter: Maria Brendle, screenwriter of The Stowaway
Jury Special Award: Bang Bang!

Golden Goblet Awards
These were announced during the spectacular closing ceremonies with celebrities like Natalie Portman and Gong Li.

Best Feature Film: Little England
Jury Grand Prix: The Uncle Victory
Best Director: Pantelis Voulgaris, director of Little England
Best Screenplay: Cyril Gely, the screenwriter of Diplomacy, and Volker Schlöndorff, the director of Diplomacy
Best Actress: Pinelopi Tsilika,  in Little England
Best Actor:  Vithaya Pansringarm, in The Last Executioner
Best Cinematography: Luo Pan, cinematographer of The Sacred Arrow
Outstanding Artistic Achievement (Music): Gregg Alexander for Begin Again


This year, the 17th SIFF was also a platform for advancing the film industry, with the SIFForum.  During this forum, Youku, Tudou and the Shanghai government established a micro movie production center. The new center will foster young Chinese talent in this field.  Shanghai University and the Vancouver Film School also announced that they will establish a film institute, and The Shanghai Vancouver Film School will begin enrolment this fall.  Leading Digital Post Shanghai Media Events Co., Ltd launched a film post-production base in Shanghai, with a capacity to post 50 movies and 500 advertisements every year. Also, China Film Group, Shanghai Film Group, and August First Film Studio announced that they will work together to produce one to three films every year.

In additional news, SIFF also launched Jackie Chan Action Movie Week, which will kick off during next year's film festival.  This new addition to SIFF will showcase the latest trends in special effects technology and cinematography in action films.

Overall, the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival was a tremendous success.  It has grown with every year, and its success and popularity show no signs of slowing down.  We can hardly wait for next year’s festival.

Watch The World Cup @ Laowai Jie

When: 10pm. 12 June until 14 July 

Where: Laowai Jie. 3,338 Hongmei Lu, near Hongxu Lu 

Price: RMB 50 (per person and includes a 330ml bottle of Carlsberg beer), RMB 45 (per person for 10 to 20 tickets), RMB 40 (per person for 20 to 50 tickets) or RMB 30 (per person for over 50 tickets) 


The opening ceremony of the Brazilian World Cup and the opening game will be screened from 10pm on 12 June at the gate of Laowai Jie on Hongmei Lu. During the event, there will be interactive games on the street, and a brilliant entertainment show in the main centre including a Brazilian dance troupe, a live band and a lucky draw. In the lucky draw, one top prize will be drawn every day to win an Adidas professional football and a pair of football shoes. 

At the centre of Laowai Jie, there will be a large tent, tables and chairs, large LED screen with concert lighting and sound equipment. All kinds of beer and snacks will be available. You can buy coupons worth RMB 10, RMB 20 or RMB 50. The price of beer and food varies from RMB 30 to RMB 80. 

You can watch the live games regardless of when the match starts, be it midnight, 3:00am, 4:00am, 6:00am or 9:00am. 

One final tip, the prices of beer and snacks at the site will be lower than in the restaurants on Laowai Jie. Have fun! 





TICT | 5th Anniversary Beach Party

Wow… what an amazing year for TICT. From Justin Martin to Lancelot, ATTAR! and Anja Schneider to Sammy Bananas, and their UK heavyweights Zombie Disco Squad, DE$iGNATED, Crown Duels, Rektchordz, Loefah and, of course, the perfect icing on the DAFF cake with Kry Wolf playing out sensational dance vibes in a warehouse packed full of ravers. But they still have a (sandy) itch that just won’t go away, which is why they're bringing back TICT BEACH PARTY SERIES for 2014!

Not only will this be the first beach party of the year, but it's a special one for TICT as The Ice Cream Truck has grown one year older and they’re ready to celebrate their 5th Anniversary! That’s right, they’re taking their birthday party to the beach and they don’t even care if there’s sand in the cake! 

TICT had to invite some old friends to help celebrate, along with a debut, from one of their very own, ESA, to kick things off. TICT's resident vibe selectah The Uhhh, groove god Teasy, Mau Mau, the dance floor magician and party ignitors Acid Pony Club will be there to help blow out the candles! Excited doesn’t come close to how we’re feeling right now, so make sure this one’s marked down in the diary.

Come join the fun and celebrate ice cream in the making. Lick it up!

// Date&Time / 日期&时间: Saturday, June 14 | 6月14日周六 11:00 - 22:00 中午11点至晚上10点 Venue / 场地: Bund Beach老码头沙滩 421 Waima Lu near Maojiayuan Lu 外马路421号,近毛家园路 DJs / 阵容: Mau Mau Acid Pony Club Teasy The Uhhh ESA Door / 门票: 100rmb FREE before 12pm noon w/RSVP: [email protected] ONE RSVP per email, write your full name in the subject line. Guestlist closes Friday at 5:00pm.


26-28 June, Omnivore World Tour Shanghai

“From one continent to the next, Omnivore will carry out culinary festivals as climactic as rock concerts, and will bring together some of the world’s greatest chefs, while searching for new talent along the way.”

(Luc Dubanchet, creator of the Omnivore World Tour)

The Omnivore World Tour is the first worldwide culinary festival – making grand entrances in major cities around the globe.  Envisioned by Luc Dubanchet, this tour brings together some of the world’s finest chefs for a delicious experience. This year’s line-up is comprised of international and local chefs who will share their culinary expertise through the spirited theme of “Juene Cuisine”.

“Cuisine, now more than ever, is a global experience. The Omnivore World Tour, which inspires cuisine to be tasted, experienced and exchanged on a planetary scale, clearly encourages this movement,” says Mr. Dubanchet.  

With tour stops across the globe in major cities such as Paris and Moscow, the Omnivore World Tour is finally making a return to Shanghai in an appearance at the famous Three on the Bund for three unforgettable nights: Omnivorous by Badoit, Master Classes, and Amazing Dinners.

Omnivorous by Badiot is available by reservation only. This free event features eight bouchées prepared by the top chefs. Two glasses of wine are also complimentarily served to accompany the food samplings. Guests will enjoy a relaxing evening with spectacular nighttime views of the Shanghai skyline.

The coveted Master Classes features 20 of the world’s top chefs including David Thompson (Nahm, Bangkok), Ryan Clift (Tippling Club, Singapore), and Christophe Saintagne (Le Meurice, Paris). Chefs will demonstrate and explain culinary techniques that they have successfully implemented in their personal restaurants and share their cooking expertise and advice.

Restaurants “New Heights” and “Unico” are hosting the Amazing Dinners at Three on the Bund. Top chefs Elie Laloum and Florence Dalia will be cooking at “New Heights”, while Ryan Clift and Franck Salati will be representing at “Unico”. Both restaurants will serve the finest, exquisite dishes prepared by these exceptional chefs. Guests can anticipate gourmet food and wine throughout the evening.

A reservation at any of these special nights promises amazing food created by some of the world’s best chefs. This unforgettable experience is delicious, exciting, and unique – the best combination. You don’t want to miss out on these events.

RSVP online at for more information. For “Amazing Dinner” reservations, please call 6321 0909 (New Heights) or 5308 5399 (Unico).

Introducing DAFF Spring 2014

This June 7th and 8th, DAFF will be taken to a whole new level. Located at the West Bund, the new Dreamworks Studio will be transformed to a dramatic venue with artist collaborations to create an immersive experience.

The space includes a 6000m2 main exhibition hall, adjacent warehouse space for the DAFF after party, and large outdoor areas making it the perfect place to spend the weekend. Partnered with taxi app Uber, they will be offering RMB 200 for every new signup to ensure a smooth and easy transportation.

DAFF is also launching the #AllAroundUs campaign to involve the public in a a creative way. Use it on Tumblr, Weibo, Facebook, or Instagram to engage with the campaign pre-event and be introduced to artworks that will be on-site.

In addition to this exciting event, the DAFF after party will feature headlining international act Kry Wolf (UK).

Enjoy a night of fresh concepts, pop-up shows, fashion shows, workshops, live art, music, delicious food & drinks, and tons of surprises over the two days!

For more information:

Shanghai's First Burpee Marathon - June 7th

CrossFit IronDragon presents the first Shanghai Burpee Marathon. The fundraiser earnings will be divided among four awesome charities: LIFELINE, BEAN,SCAA and the HEART FOUNDATION

The Burpee is one of the most loved and hated full body movements in exercise history. It is known as the “king of bodyweight exercises” as it works every muscle in the body, requires no equipment and anyone can do it.

The basic motion starts from a standing position. Then you drop into a squat position with your hands on the ground. Then you kick your feet back while keeping your arms extended and immediately return your feet to the squat position. Finally you thrust the body forward and jump up.

The challenge consists of a full and half marathon. The winner will be the person or team who completes all the repetition with proper techniques in the fastest time.

Not only will this be a fun and challenging event that will test your physical and mental toughness but will burn several thousand calories in the process. Bring your friends and even pets for support!

BBQ, drinks and snacks will be available on the day. Lucky draw raffle prizes will be given from our sponsors throughout the day.

For those that cannot make it on the day but would like to contribute to the cause we will be accepting video submissions and your admission fee before June 5, 2014. Please contact us before this date and we will provide the standard.

TODAY - Shanghai Beer Week Brew Cruise

Love beer? Come try different beers at the Shanghai Beer Week Brew Cruise. Created in 2012 with the purpose of celebrating local craft beer, they have devoted an entire week to introduce flavorful and interesting beer in a complete new environment.

People can buy tickets at the door and begin boarding at 6:30pm. The boat departs at 8pm. and will return to the dock at 10pm. 

Enjoy a night of flowing beer, delicious food, and great music.

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