Watch The World Cup @ Laowai Jie

When: 10pm. 12 June until 14 July 

Where: Laowai Jie. 3,338 Hongmei Lu, near Hongxu Lu 

Price: RMB 50 (per person and includes a 330ml bottle of Carlsberg beer), RMB 45 (per person for 10 to 20 tickets), RMB 40 (per person for 20 to 50 tickets) or RMB 30 (per person for over 50 tickets) 


The opening ceremony of the Brazilian World Cup and the opening game will be screened from 10pm on 12 June at the gate of Laowai Jie on Hongmei Lu. During the event, there will be interactive games on the street, and a brilliant entertainment show in the main centre including a Brazilian dance troupe, a live band and a lucky draw. In the lucky draw, one top prize will be drawn every day to win an Adidas professional football and a pair of football shoes. 

At the centre of Laowai Jie, there will be a large tent, tables and chairs, large LED screen with concert lighting and sound equipment. All kinds of beer and snacks will be available. You can buy coupons worth RMB 10, RMB 20 or RMB 50. The price of beer and food varies from RMB 30 to RMB 80. 

You can watch the live games regardless of when the match starts, be it midnight, 3:00am, 4:00am, 6:00am or 9:00am. 

One final tip, the prices of beer and snacks at the site will be lower than in the restaurants on Laowai Jie. Have fun!