26-28 June, Omnivore World Tour Shanghai

“From one continent to the next, Omnivore will carry out culinary festivals as climactic as rock concerts, and will bring together some of the world’s greatest chefs, while searching for new talent along the way.”

(Luc Dubanchet, creator of the Omnivore World Tour)

The Omnivore World Tour is the first worldwide culinary festival – making grand entrances in major cities around the globe.  Envisioned by Luc Dubanchet, this tour brings together some of the world’s finest chefs for a delicious experience. This year’s line-up is comprised of international and local chefs who will share their culinary expertise through the spirited theme of “Juene Cuisine”.

“Cuisine, now more than ever, is a global experience. The Omnivore World Tour, which inspires cuisine to be tasted, experienced and exchanged on a planetary scale, clearly encourages this movement,” says Mr. Dubanchet.  

With tour stops across the globe in major cities such as Paris and Moscow, the Omnivore World Tour is finally making a return to Shanghai in an appearance at the famous Three on the Bund for three unforgettable nights: Omnivorous by Badoit, Master Classes, and Amazing Dinners.

Omnivorous by Badiot is available by reservation only. This free event features eight bouchées prepared by the top chefs. Two glasses of wine are also complimentarily served to accompany the food samplings. Guests will enjoy a relaxing evening with spectacular nighttime views of the Shanghai skyline.

The coveted Master Classes features 20 of the world’s top chefs including David Thompson (Nahm, Bangkok), Ryan Clift (Tippling Club, Singapore), and Christophe Saintagne (Le Meurice, Paris). Chefs will demonstrate and explain culinary techniques that they have successfully implemented in their personal restaurants and share their cooking expertise and advice.

Restaurants “New Heights” and “Unico” are hosting the Amazing Dinners at Three on the Bund. Top chefs Elie Laloum and Florence Dalia will be cooking at “New Heights”, while Ryan Clift and Franck Salati will be representing at “Unico”. Both restaurants will serve the finest, exquisite dishes prepared by these exceptional chefs. Guests can anticipate gourmet food and wine throughout the evening.

A reservation at any of these special nights promises amazing food created by some of the world’s best chefs. This unforgettable experience is delicious, exciting, and unique – the best combination. You don’t want to miss out on these events.

RSVP online at www.omnivore.com/shanghai for more information. For “Amazing Dinner” reservations, please call 6321 0909 (New Heights) or 5308 5399 (Unico).