Mooncake Talk

The Peninsula Shanghai Homemade Custard Mooncakes are back by popular demand, and will be on sale at The Peninsula Boutique from 8 August. Handcrafted in the Yi Long Court kitchens using a timeless Hong Kong recipe, the mouthwatering custard mooncakes are a coveted Mid-Autumn Festival gift to share with family, friends and colleagues. To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival on Thursday 15 September, The Peninsula Shanghai is also introducing a new tropical fruit flavoured Durian Mooncake.
According to Chinese philosophy, foods born with different yin or yang energies act differently on the human body. This year, Hyatt On The Bund is pleased to present a variety of mooncakes: three infused with black yin ingredients - XO sauce with scallops, pumpkin and pineapple; and three with white yang ingredients - white lotus seed, egg custard, chestnut and red bean paste. Tasty and healthy, these mooncakes will engage the senses at multiple levels and deliver amazing energy from the balance of yin and yang.
Celebrate one of the oldest Chinese traditions, the Mid-Autumn Mooncake Festival, with InterContinental Shanghai Puxi's two sleek mooncake gift sets with six delicious flavours. If you're looking to give mooncakes as a present, these beautiful packaged treats are the ones to look out for. The mooncake boxes are sure to delight family and friends during the festive gatherings. Our gift hampers will make an ideal festive gifts for your loved ones.
To celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, Waldorf Astoria Shanghai On The Bund is offering an exquisite selection of tempting mooncake delicacies from 8 August until 15 September. The Waldorf Mooncakes feature flavours such as rose petal, egg custard, egg yolk and crispy red bean mocha. It comes in two packages: the Waldorf Deluxe Mooncake Gift Box (RMB 288), which contains four mooncakes, while the Waldorf Luxury Mooncake Gift Box (RMB 388) contains eight mooncakes.
Mid-autumn festival is around the corner. As one of the most important festivals, Chinese people have the custom of going home from every corner of the country for family reunions. Mooncakes, the traditional snack that is eaten to celebrate this day, is a symbol for completeness, and by extension, family reunion in China. Sheraton Guangzhou Hotel prepares Cantonese traditional mooncakes, with rich flavours and delicate Chinese red packaging to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival, aiming to deliver best wishes to your dearest friends and loved ones.
Spring Moon’s coveted, limited edition, mini egg custard mooncakes, will once again be available on The Peninsula Hong Kong’s online ordering platform. Designed to enable customers to conveniently buy Spring Moon’s mini egg custard mooncakes from the comfort of their computer, the online ordering platform will be available for three days from 1 August to 3 August and is set to go live at 8am daily, until stocks last.
Recycling and style go hand-in-hand at The Landmark Mandarin Oriental, Hong Kong, where they are always looking for creative ways to help protect the environment. This year, they are proud to announce the launch of an exclusive carry-bag, custom-designed from exceptional quality and hard-wearing canvas to showcase their delicious mini egg-custard mooncakes, and ideal to reuse post-mooncake celebrations to store other delicate items like jewellery, watches, as a super elegant minipicnic or travel bag.