Around Town

Your news round-up for the month of August

Green Spaces

Feeling a little crowded in Shanghai? Want to escape to a forest park in the city? Well then you’re in luck… in 2020. The Minhang district government has announced has plans to build a major forest park along the Huangpu River and a batch of smaller parks by 2020. Officials claim that a total of 5 square kilometres of parkland will be created across the district along with 3 square kilometres of forest by 2020. This city is just getting more and more liveable.

Ice Ice Baby
Spare a thought for the inhabitants of Shanghai Zoo this summer! Last month, the zoo had to keep the animals cool as temperatures soared to 40 degrees Celsius. Alpacas were given haircuts to regular their temperature and tigers, sun bears and leopards were given ice cubes to lick and even lie on to cool down. Spray systems have been put in place for other animals, while the white elephants have been making the most of the cold showers provided to them by their keepers.
Walking On Clouds

A skywalk is to be opened on the 88th floor of the Jin Mao Tower in Lujiazui. The transparent walkway will wrap around the skyscraper and be an impressive 340 metres above the ground. Visitors will be strapped onto the high rise as they navigate the narrow, fenceless ledge and get the best views in town. As at time of print, booking had not been made open to the public, however, it was expected to begin at the end of last month.

Farewell Yong Kang Lu
The rumours are true, Yong Kang Lu as we know it will be gone forever by the end of this month. Xuhui District Governor, Bao Bingzhang, declared that most of the bars and restaurants on the infamous bar street would be shut down due to complaints by residents about noise and traffic chaos. There are approximately 70 bars and restaurant currently on the strip, and only a fraction of them have the proper permit. It remains to be seen how this will change the street in the future.